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A complete redesign from my previous Sanctuary build, Update: 04/25/2023....after careful review of comments and PM's I went back in and reduced this build considerably to fix a heavy load and screen of 12:58pm no screen tearing detected in previous spots on ultra settings, changes detailed below!

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Changes made 04/25/2023

1. Houses changed to be smaller and their decorations reduced to basic (except for all 3 player homes, 1 I left fully decorated, 2 empty)
2. Shop/Community center cleared of all decorations
3. Minutemen compound reversed to basic (non minutemen)
4. Flora altered to be less graphics intensive
5. White stone neighborhood removed
6. Park heavily expanded (reflecting personal request)
7. Bubble turrets removed
8. Road fix and water mod removed and replaced with less disruptive and more default alternatives
9. Blueprint size reduced from 13500+ to 11000+
10. Mod list reduced to remove unneeded mods as well as their priority listed to indicate what you could further trim down, at current count, 26.

In this build I started over from scratch....instead of rebuilding every house from the ground up, I used a mod to copy and paste them; feels a bit like cheating but, they ARE all my builds.

This time its built at ground level so there wont be settlers falling through the floor anymore, no more high rises so we don't have multi sandboxing issues.

I left 2 player homes is my usual when it comes to sanctuary I've always left the player home empty so you can design and decorate it yourself as most tend to prefer, however being as this sanctuary has all my best builds which most of the time those happen to be player homes, I left an extra one empty this time so you have two to chose from.