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A vault cell from the Vault 201 - Skeleton Crew mod designed as an Enclave base.

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This is a cell from the Vault 201-Skeleton Crew mod designed for the WD Project. This cell envisions an Enclave hideout for survivors from their defeat in the Capitol Wasteland who attempted to recreate the infamous Squad Sigma as a special operations force. This settlement has 28 beds and loads of unused space for expansion.

Warning #1: this blueprint pushes the limit of my PC, and may overwhelm some older PCs. Before importing this, make a fresh save and maybe reduce your video settings. Eradicating some of the decor may improve performance.

Warning #2: NPC AI is badly broken here, so much so that I'd recommend using this as a curiosity or glorified Player Home rather than a working settlement. Settlers don't spawn in, disappear but are still counted in the total, and just stand wherever they are spawned forever. Other mods like my Enclave Radio eyebot that are supposed to sandbox do not. I have mods like DoorsNotWalls and Settler Sandbox Expansion installed, but they do not help.