Fallout 4
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Master categorization plugin for all my mods.

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This is a master plugin that will be used for all my major mods. This is the list of mods that are/will depend on this plugin


Mods using MP

Vanilla Extensions
Port Royal
Stairs Ladders Ramps
Cabin in the Woods
Red Rocket Reborn
Pipe Galore
Wasteland Billboards
Bob's Iguana Diner
Box Houses
Atom's Greatness
Parks and Rec.
Castle in the Sky
NDL Series



To avoid cluttering the vanilla categories.
To provide uniquely tailored menus for all my mods.
To help you know which items are mine and which aren't.
Cause I am tired of going thru 1000 items to find the ones I need.



This will have a category for each individual mod. The master menu can be found in Structures>Wood (at the end of the list).


Load Order

Preferably in the same section as all your other workshop mods you have loaded
Place all my other mod plugins after this mod's plugin.



Any mod that changes the Wood menu.
This mod is not scripted, therefore at most you will lose my menu inside Wood category if  you didn't load it correctly, or the other mod's categorization of wood.