Fallout 4

About this mod

I couldn't find blueprints/city plans (Sim Settlements) that fit my aesthetic so I decided to build my own settlements. My aesthetic is simple, clean and tidy, nothing extravagant or impressive. I try to keep each settlement distinct. Most of them use the awesome Clean and Simple mods as a base and I scrap even more stuff.

Permissions and credits
I couldn't find blueprints/city plans(Sim Settlements) that fit my aesthetic so I decided to build my own settlements. My aesthetic is simple, clean and tidy,  nothing extravagant or impressive. Itry to keep each settlement distinct but the smaller settlements are pretty much cookie-cutter. I use clipboard Resurrection to copy and paste (furnished) prefab townhouses from Snappy Housekit. Most of them use the awesome Clean and Simple mods as a base.

Required mods: check above. I'd like to thank all the mod authors that made these settlement blueprints possible! 

Recommended mods:
  • Private Area Markers
  • Clipboard Resurrection
  • Workshop Plus
  • Workshop Framework
  • Scrap Everything
  • Immersive Vendors
  • Clean Barns
  • Clean Warehouses
  • Clean Pre-War Workshop Workbenches
  • CleanSettlements-Clean Vendors

Useful commands:

Please check https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22442?tab=description

Blueprint Slots
*These are settlements I'm particularly proud of!
The grass in most of the pictures are from a grass mod. Without one, grass shouldn't be poking out of the floorboards (usually).
I wanted to add more clutter but I wasn't able to find ones I liked so there are many empty shelves.

1.      Sanctuary*
  • Has helicopters, tanks
  • All houses adequately equipped/furnished
  • Behind the house with the workshop bench is a massive multi-level square that has stores and a building housing the clinic
  • Behind the PC’s house and behind the roundabout are 4 greenhouses in total
  • Many living trees are planted
  • I wanted to make the gates touch but provisioners and their brahmins won't be able to get past

2.      Red Rocket
  • An elevator and a staircase allows access to the second floor
  • Added a communal toilet
  • Stalls in front and behind the structure
  • Small farm

3.      Abernathy Farm*
  • Rebuilt the Abernathy shack within the tower with a master’s ensuite on the ground floor, and a single bedroom on the second floor. 
  • Full amenities included.
  • The third and fourth floors are sentry/turret posts
  • A small deck is built on the opposite end of the farm, with stores
  • 2 large townhouses for other settlers
  • Planted living trees

4.      Sunshine Tidings Co-op*
  • 3-level deck to account for the hilly area
  • Housing and communal bathroom on the top level
  • 3 additional townhouses on the right side of the lower 2 levels
  • Farm plots on the lower 2 levels
  • Stores on the bottom level
  • Planted living trees on either side of the settlement

5.      Starlight Drive-In*
  • Given its central location relative to other settlements, it’s a trading hub
  • There’s a huge star pattern on the wooden foundation
  • The ugly, rusted section is scrapped
  • Housing is built on top of the Drive-In structural fixtures
  • 2 greenhouses
  • 3 sets of merchants (3 each of general trader,food and drinks, clinic, etc.)

6.      Graygarden
  • Built a multi-level deck on the right side
  • Stairs and a 3-level elevator connect Graygarden with the red bridge/railway below
  • Deck has all the necessary stores
  • Two townhouses on the lower deck for human settlers
  • Rebuilt the greenhouse

7.      Tenpines Bluff
  • This settlement has more of a camping feel
  • Built a 2-level deck on top of the little hill
  • Twin-warehouses provide shelter and beds for the farmers (instead of the townhouses)
  • Turrets are mounted on top of the warehouses and around the deck
  • The deck has open space for cooking, eating, a communal restroom, and stalls on the lower deck
  • The farm is located at the foot of the hill

8.      Outpost Zimonja
  • A military outpost for the Minutemen
  • The default structures were replaced by metal pods because of the Clean and Simple mod. I think they look super cool so I’m keeping them. 
  • They house 9 Minutemen
  • Added decks on either side of the metal pods,one side serves as a helipad for 5 helicopters
  • The other side is for a greenhouse and artillery
  • Added a twin-warehouse for farmer-settlers,which also has a kitchen, showers, toilets and laundry machines that the
  • Minutemen can share

9.      Covenant
  • Rotated the houses so they align better with the walls
  • Built a communal house for dining and showers
  • Added new furniture
  • Added store/counters to one of the houses

10.  Taffington Boathouse*
  • I envisioned it as a private villa for the player, and a Railroad Safehouse (Mercer)
  • I used Taffington Boathouse Renewal and tweaked it to my liking
  • Small farm outside the house

11.  Greentop Nursery*
  • The greenhouse and house are renovated and new furniture is installed

12.  The Slog*
  • The art décor building houses 40 settlers
  • The wooden shack opposite houses showers/bathrooms, the lounge and the cafeteria
  • A set of stairs inside the shack leads to the deck below
  • The uneven hillside supports a multi-level deck that has stores, benches and open space
  • Turrets are mounted on the flat roofs of the two buildings, and on the deck
  • The flat soil on both sides of the pool is for farming
  • Scrapped the old diner (had to use disable console command) and replaced it with a tree garden

13.  Finch Farm
  • 2 townhouses, some stalls, some crops

14.  Country Crossing
  • Built a deck over the uneven land
  • 2 townhouses, stalls, 3 sets of crops

15.  Coastal Cottage:
  • CAS’ Coastal Cottage is beautiful so there aren’t many big changes. I just filled the manor with toilets, beds, kitchen kits, etc.

16.  Kingsport Lighthouse:
  • Furnished the house
  • A sentry guards every floor of the lighthouse.One guards the boat.
  • There are no crops. No space.

17.  Croup Manor
  • Furnished the building
  • Some crops of the left
  • Some stalls on the first floor

18.  Oberland Station
  • The Clean Settlements mod already cleaned up the 2 story “house” and gave the sisters proper beds. I replaced them with colored versions
  • Added another townhouse next to it
  • Expanded the farm
  • Added trees and foliage

19.  Hangman’s Alley*
  • A posh urban settlement. I imagine Diamond City and Goodneighbor will trade a lot with Hangman’s Alley.
  • Replaced the broken windows (as best I could)
  • The 2 outer buildings have many stores and bars
  • The outer street has stalls and turrets that protect them
  • The residential building houses 40 people over 4 floors, each of which has elevator access
  • The room next to the residential building is a Minutemen office
  • I’m pretty sure the settlers aren’t smart enough to use the elevator but it looks much cooler than the fire escape
  • Opposite the residential building is a communal kitchen
  • Small farm on the ground level

20.  Boston Airport
  • Farm is located behind the structure
  • Toilet, crafting stations and stores on the first floor
  • Cafeteria and living spaces on the second floor

21.  Nordhagen Beach
  • 2 townhouses (prime beachfront properties!), a greenhouse and a small deck with stalls

22.  Egret Marina Tours
  • Beds and toilets are on the 2nd floor
  • Kitchen and canteen on the 1st floor
  • Phyllis’ room gets a renovation
  • Removed/disabled the run-down boathouses
  • Greenhouse on the left
  • Added a small shopping mall

23.  Jamaica Plains
  • I don’t know what to do with the broken windows
  • Added all the necessary furniture and amenities
  • Small farm

24.  The Castle*
  • The two “wings” (one on the General’s Office’s side, one on the armory’s side) each has its own toilets/showers, cafeteria,
  • laundromat and barracks
  • There are crafting stations and a few stores
  • A deck is built around the exterior of the Castle, serving as support for farm plots and a helipad
  • I kept the central area clear for utility purposes (military drills, etc.)

25.  Sommerville Place
  • 2 townhouses and 2 greenhouses
  • Some stalls
  • Replaced the dead tree with a live one and planted many more

26.  Murkwater Construction Site
  • Furnished the house CAS restored
  • Added a townhouse and a greenhouse
  • Planted trees and foliage

27.  Warwick Homestead*
  • Furnished the original place
  • Added a greenhouse and a townhouse
  • The structure next to the water plant is a Minutemen office
  • Added stores to the water pump building: armor,weapons, barber, clothing, general trader on the first floor. Restaurant and
  • pharmacy on the second floor

28.  Spectacle Island*
  • Used Magnificent Spectacle Island instead of CAS (It’s truly magnificent)
  • Removed all (to my best of my ability) trash,corpses, rusted cars/boats, etc., including the bridge and sea
  • Removed the containers on the barge and relocated it to near the mansion and repurposed it as a war-barge, moved it to
  • the mansion
  • Equipped the mansion with the usual amenities
  • Leveled the boat with the communications device and removed all junk on it
  • Added a townhouse, a greenhouse and a mini-mall near the boat (beachfront properties!)
  • Added a greenhouse and a large townhouse beside it in the middle of the island
  • Added Minutemen tanks, guard posts near the entrance of the island (bridge)

Future Plans
I will be adding the blueprint for Bunker Hill when I unlock it. I might also do the settlements for the DLCs but honestly I'm pretty burned out.