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My take on Finch Farm. I originally was not going to build on the overpass, as it didn't seem realistic to build up to it, but then I realized I could make something semi-realistic using one of the large support as a framework. The living area is below, whole the top is purely a minuteman defense outpost.

Permissions and credits
If installing with a mod manager this settlement will end up in slot 25.  Otherwise extract from the zip and put the json file in the slot of your choice.

I messed with the pathing a lot to get it all working OK.  All beds should be reachable.  Sometimes settlers wind up on underpass even when not assigned up there.  There's a small chance one or two fences may be missing since they were so close to the border.

Settlement basics:
22 beds
26 food
40+ water
Over 100 defense
Traders:  Bar, Clinic, Guns, General
Crafting: Power Armor, Chem, Ammunition, Food, Guns, Armor

Scrapping info:
I scrapped all plants, trash and fencing.  I left the original shack in place but scrapped all furniture inside to make things less confusing.  You can leave the porch furniture there.

Mods required:
I used quite a few mods, all listed under requirements.  If you are missing one, Transfer Settlements in theory should skip over the missing stuff.  

I recommend trying to have all or most of them, but here are a few that you can probably skip without it affecting settlement too much.  Might have to patch a couple walls or decorate a couple of areas with these missing:

Crimsomrider's Unique Furniture - Decorations/Furniture
The Cozy Scavver - Some Furniture
Lightbulb Wire - a couple light wires
Better Stores - Just the counter for Medic Trader, so would have to build a new counter
Red Rocket Radio Bop - I must have placed a single radio somewhere
Rustic Wooden Crates - A couple crates for decoration
CREAtiveGardens - Tiny garden area
Eli's Craftable Pots - A few plants for decoration
V's Stylish Decor - decor
V's Scavver Art - decor
Crafting Fury 9000 - nothing significant? (might be due to overwrite from Eli's plants)
Workshop Bits and Bobs - I think just decorations
Pip Galore - Just used a single pipe for decoration
Half Width Shack Walls - think I only used 2-4 of these.