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NO LONGER SUPPORTED - Please check out Rebuild by Aurelianis, for a much more lore and immersion friendly mod that's similar to this one. Thanks for all the support!

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SCRAP (Sweep, Clean, Remove and Prune) NO LONGER SUPPORTED

Please check out Rebuild by Aurelianis, for a much more lore and immersion friendly mod that's similar to this one. Thanks for all the support!

This is an updated version of my old mod,  S.M.O.I.M.S.

Pre-combines and PreVis have been rebuilt with a modified 64-bit version of the CK and are included with this mod. This mod works a bit differently than other scrap mods, in that you can (although it's not necessary) use the console command “scrapall” (without quotes).It will scrap everything but leave all major buildings intact (i.e., shacks, greenhouses.). I have included the Modern Homes (metal homes in Sanctuary) to use an optional disable/enable button located on the Workshop Workbench, because (IMO) I cannot stand them. They are so ugly and there are great mods to add back newer versions of them. Also below the North Bridge is an option to enable the pre-war versions of the North Bridge and the little bridge over the creek leading up to Vault 111.
This mod also works well with Workshop Framework by Kinggath.
I have included scrap logs for most of the settlements so that you can use them to export your custom settlement and import back into Fallout 4 with the Settlement Layout Creator - https://www.simsettlements.com/tools/layoutcreator.php . I do not recommend using the default scrap profiles for the original Fallout 4 settlements with SCRAP, as they can cause unexpected results when importing your settlement layout.
I’ve tried importing a settlement City Plan with SimSettlements 2, but also with mixed results. BTW, scrap mods are not officially allowed into the City Plan Contests anyway.
If you have any other mods that alter the exterior worlds, (Commonwealth, Far Harbor and Nuka
World) this mod may not work well with those - although I MAY make patches for the more popular ones in the future.
NOTE: You DO NOT need to use the console (tilde key ~ to scrap with this mod; just scrap as you normally would.


Far Harbor, Nuka World, Automatron, Vault-Tec Workshop and the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch (UFO4P).

WorkshopFramework - This is a requirement for any optional WSFW settlement blueprints you use.

No landmesh was edited
No boundaries or workshop build primitives (scrap areas) were edited.
No markers, including quest-related ones, were touched or edited.
ALWAYS save first before scrapping anything major!
The only "big" change I made was in the Home Plate interior. I replaced the interior workbench with a normal settlement one so you can add more things such as architecture, etc.
Load Order: As low as possible (or add the meta-data "scrap everything" by using LOOT) and MUST USE ON A NEW GAME START ONLY.
Cleaned with the latest version of Xedit.

This mod is compatible with green texture mods and also A Forest v0.8

This mod would not have been possible without the incredible Youtube guide from Trosski: Fallout 4 Creation Kit Precombine & Previs Tutorial

I will try to put up more screenshots soon.


1.) Make sure your Fallout4Custom.ini (located in your "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Fallout4) has the following line: bUseCombinedObjects=1
    "bUseCombinedObjects=1" This will tell the game to use combined objects, and will be much better on your framerate. Turning this off can lead to unstability and CTD's eventually.
2.) Make sure that these two folders ARE NOT PRESENT in your Fallout 4 DATA folder: Data/Vis OR Data/Meshes/Precombined BEFORE installing this mod.
3.) You ARE NOT loading any mods that change, or more importantly, remove anything in ANY of the default settlements.
4.) Other scrapping mods will NOT be compatible with SCRAP.
5.) Put SCRAP as far down your load order as possible.


Sim Settlements 2 will work fine with SCRAP, however, when using SCRAP with Sim Settlements 1 or 2 City Plans, the settlers won't scrap based on SCRAP, only the default scrap profiles of the settlements. You CAN create settlements based on SCRAP scrap profiles. It's beyond the scope of this post to explain how to use the City Plan Creators or Settlement Layout Plugin Creator, so you'll have to go to KingGath's Sim Settlements sites to read up on that.

Settlement Layout Plugin Creator and Workshop Framework are what I use to make SCRAP Settlement Blueprints (Layouts).
Sim Settlements City Plan Creator - https://www.simsettlements.com/tools/layoutcreator.php

If you use “scrapall” before you talk to Codsworth, it will cause a bug where  you can’t move forward in the quest because I have added the NPC’s (with the exception of Codsworth) to a scrap list form.

SCRAP Settlements:


Abernathy Farm
Boston Airport
Bunker Hill
County Crossing
Croup Manor
Croup Manor Basement - WORKSHOP ONLY – Cannot Send Settlers there.
DmndPlayerHouse01 (Home Plate) - WORKSHOP ONLY – Cannot Send Settlers there.
Egret Tours Marina
Farm05Ext (Somerville Place)
FensRaiderCampExt (Hangman's Alley)
Finch Farm
Greentop Nursery
Jamaica Plain
Kingsport Lighthouse
Nordhagen Beach
Oberland Station
POIBryanB01 (Murkwater Construction Site)
POIMCamp01 (Coastal Cottage)
Red Rocket Truck Stop
Relay Outpost Zimonja
Sanctuary Hills - Buttons below North Bridge allow you to enable or disable the Sanctuary houses and also replace the old bridges with newer pre-war versions.
Sanctuary Root Cellar - WORKSHOP ONLY – Cannot Send Settlers there.
Spectacle Island
Starlight Drive-In
Sunshine Tidings Co-op
Taffington Boathouse
Tenpines Bluff
The Castle
The Slog
Warwick Homestead


Dalton Farm
Echo Lake Lumber
Echo Lake Lumber Bunker - WORKSHOP ONLY - Cannot send settlers there.
Longfellow's Cabin
National Park Visitor's Center


Nuka-World Red Rocket
Fizztop Grille Interior - WORKSHOP ONLY - Cannot send settlers there.


Vault 88


The Mechanist's Lair