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Here you will find Snappy Kits that require the official DLC releases.

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Snappy DLC Update – Version 2.2
Small update to fix missing wallpapers

Snappy DLC Update – Version 2.1
This is a small update, mainly for bug fixes and to make it compatible with version 8.0 of the main Snappy HouseKit mod. In order to maintain smooth game performance, the override edits that make the Cliff’s Edge hotel and other Far Harbor buildings repairable/scrappable have been moved to a separate esp file for those that desire that functionality.. See the Change Log for a complete list of fixes and updates.

Easy, Cozy, Snazzy, Snappy houses - the DLC edition

First out is Far Harbor Kits 

Coast Houses

The first one is actually the old DecoMain C kit, but with new materials. It includes some nice new files and additions. You can use this set to make nice little settlements by the sea, or restore the Far Harbor settlements to their original glory. 

Cliff's Edge Hotel Kit
The Cliff's Edge Hotel from Far Harbor always stood out a bit for me. It was the first kit that felt modern. I added most pieces except the huge ones for this release. They didn't really work well since you would be unable to place them anywhere. I’ll try to cut them up a bit later, but there are still so many nice pieces in this kit! The wallpapers are amazing and the glass windows are really cool. The opaque windows are half see-through. You can see the shadows and trees outside, which makes it very effectful inside. I added transparent glass too, for variations. You can make really nice sky bars and stores with this. It goes very well together with HighTech kit and the one sided walls in there. I am looking forward to seeing what you build with this! You will find this under By Kit - Hotel Kit (Far Harbor DLC).

Thanks Ghostrider250 for the presentation video!

More DLC packs are on the way. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Requires Snappy HouseKit version 8.0 (and up) and of course the stated DLC from Bethesda.