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17 years since Project Snowblind came out in 2005, the most heroic man Nathan Frost is returning to the Commonwealth! Join the Brotherhood of Steel and defeat The Institute!

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Nathan Frost (Project Snowblind) is back in action around the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. Join Nathan Frost and the Brotherhood of Steel!

Years after the decisive victory of the Brotherhood of Steel during the battle of Adams Air Force Base against the Enclave,
 the Brotherhood of Steel introduces the young man named Nathan Frost, who was joined by the Brotherhood Knights to defeat The Institute under Elder Maxson's orders.

Elder Maxson, Proctor Quinlan, and Scribe Neriah then established Project Snowblind, a scientific project that helped Nathan Frost and other Brotherhood Knights to defeat the Institute with technologically advanced weaponry and augmentation.

Here's everything you need to know about Nathan Frost!

Nathan Frost (aged 13)

Nathan Frost (aged 28)

Nathan Frost was a high-ranking Brotherhood of Steel officer and the adoptive brother of Elder Maxson. A few years following the Brotherhood of Steel's victory during the battle of Adams Air Force Base, he immediately joined the Brotherhood of Steel as a Squire, but the Project Snowblind was established by Elder Maxson, Scribe Neriah and Proctor Quinlan shortly after Frost joining the Brotherhood.

Before becoming as an Initiate, Nathan Frost served as a squire with the Brotherhood of Steel on the Citadel, becoming good friends with his adoptive brother Arthur Maxson and involved in multiple training with Elder Lyons during this time. However, a turmoil would soon develop between the two, but later foiled due to Frost's grievances with the Institute's treatment of the Commonwealth citizens, and the brutality enacted upon those who attempted to resist. His unsuccessful turmoil would eventually result in an establishment of Project Snowblind, under Maxson, Quinlan, and Neriah. Due to their friendship, Maxson would allow Frost to destroy the Institute, defeating the army of synths with Frost's own augmentation (force shield, EMP blast, and invisibility). Frost would allow to save the Brotherhood of Steel after the demise of Paladin Danse.

Nathan Frost is loyal to his brother Elder Maxson, but his superior attitude to raiders is more typical of those in the Brotherhood with lingering sympathies for the Institute. He has stronger patience with "civilians" stumbling into the line of fire. His attitude towards John Walker, Stilwell, Kanazawa, and Chung suggests he is not convinced that raiders should be recruited into Brotherhood ranks. Despite this harsh attitude towards outsiders, he cares about the people of the Commonwealth as much as his brother does, and will not hesitate to protect anyone that needs help. Additionally, fighting with the Brotherhood of Steel has made him more tolerant about raiders and synths. Like many of them, Nathan Frost loathes synths and raiders.

Project Snowblind
The brainchild of Elder Maxson, Scribe Neriah and Proctor Quinlan, Project Snowblind was founded in 2283. Inspired by Elder Maxson's favorite science subject, it was an ambitious attempt to create a highly-advanced technology capable of augmentation used by the Brotherhood of Steel itself, providing a large scale Institute-like military equipment to the recruits. After years of work and preparation, the project team selected the Boston Airport and Cambridge Police Station as the site of the project.

However, building a large-scale reactor capable of processing the augmentation and radiation proved challenging. Large-scale tests yielded consistent successes, but Quinlan and his team were able to scale it up to the desired output. Coupled with the presence of large numbers of synths, the project nearly failed. However, the situation was salvaged by a contingent of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers established as a permanent garrison at the memorial around December 2286, thanks to Quinlan's negotiations with newly-promoted Elder Arthur Maxson. Sentry guns maintained by the soldiers were essential to maintaining a safe perimeter. Scribe Neriah was fond of the military presence and helped to trust the Brotherhood.

The situation was further revived quickly in 2287 by Elder Maxson's leadership. He refused to slow down or reduce his workload, inspiring other members of the project to continue their work. The team quickly discovered a purification method that was horribly inefficient, but worked, as opposed to most they've tried before. Despite that apparent breakthrough, progress halted quickly, while synth attacks intensified. The lack of concrete results, coupled with mounting losses to the synth attacks, two dead soldiers and three more injured was a regular weekly tally at this point, gaining the hostility with the Institute by the Brotherhood of Steel.

Nathan Frost followed his brother Arthur Maxson's footsteps, clearing the synths, helping him, and aiding him in convincing Quinlan to give the Project Snowblind another chance. However, as the facility was brought back online and the team prepared to restart their work, the Institute and their synths deployed to Cambridge in force. After subduing the synths, Frost then helped by Maxson and demanded that he turn over the facility to the Brotherhood of Steel, together with all existing documentation, and aid the Institute scientists in bringing it safely to the Prydwen. Defiant, Maxson then accepted him to defeat The Institute. Afterwards, he pretended to comply, only to disable the radiation shielding and planting the control chamber with the pulse charge. Maxson survived, but The Institute did not, while the rest of the team safely made it to the Mass Fusion through the teleportation.

Who can help the Project Snowblind? Here's the five individuals:

Scribe Pitney is in charge of the scribes of the Brotherhood of Steel in the Commonwealth, with a professional, focused personality. He is fully dedicated to the Brotherhood's ideals and its chain of command, and greatly respects men of science and knowledge. He is an accomplished expert in several areas of science, including robotics and cybernetics, allowing him to save Nathan Frost's life after what seemed to be a mortal injury.Despite that, Pitney was a part of Paladin Brandis' expedition to Boston in 2281. With the establishment of Project Snowblind, Pitney was tasked with bringing the massive weapon of war online. Although he led his own team of talented scribes, he also interacted with a number of scientific minds from across the wasteland, including its creator Elder Maxson. He developed a healthy respect for him and his independent team, even if the project fizzled out without producing any results. After all, James was a visionary and these were in short supply.As he worked on Project Snowblind in 2284, he observed the steady deterioration of the chapter under Maxson's leadership and the changes introduced to their mission. He watched as their forces dwindled, wasted on ineffectual attempts to destroy the super mutants, against all orders from the western elders. As Maxson's confidante, he voiced his concerns about violating orders repeatedly, but his words fell on deaf ears. However, he stayed with the elder out of a sense of personal loyalty and the belief that technology stockpiled at the Prydwen would benefit the Brotherhood. However, he's not a meek sycophant and does not hesitate to speak his mind to the elder, even if Maxson might not like what Pitney has to say. Regardless, the two remain on a first name basis even among peers.In this situation, the conflict with the Institute seemed like a death knell for the chapter. However, with the arrival of Madison Li and Nathan Frost, Pitney decided to continue his work in a last-ditch attempt at reactivating Liberty Prime and Project Snowblind. This turned out to be a wise decision, as Li's experience with accelerated vector fusion allowed the Brotherhood scribes to jury-rig a powerful, but compact fusion plant that managed to provide enough power for the robot's primary systems. With it, the Brotherhood was able to achieve victory over the Institute's forces at the CIT, countering their air superiority and smashing through fortifications surrounding the ruins. With the energy management issues out of the way thanks to Dr. Li's and Ingram's assistance, Liberty Prime became the trump card in the war against the Institute.As the Brotherhood recovered from this setback, Pitney focused on finding new methods of countering their military superiority: Intelligence, decryption, augmentation, and improvising new weapons for use in the field.After the fall of the CIT, Pitney returned to his roots, starting work on rebuilding Project Snowblind. Although the task was daunting, requiring immense amounts of the remains of The Institute to upgrade its technology, especially augmentation and weaponry, he rose to the challenge. Apart from laying the groundwork for upgrading the Project Snowblind, Pitney also led reverse-engineering projects trying to harness the potential of the Institute technology recovered from the CIT, so that the Brotherhood could stay one step ahead of its enemies in the wasteland.


Star Paladin Chung is the second-highest ranking soldier (behind Nathan Frost) stationed in the Prydwen. Although he no longer works in the field, she now serves as Elder Maxson's trusted bodyguard and adviser. Although all members are trained in all forms of combat as initiates, he prefers ballistic weapons in his service.After the Brotherhood arrived in the Commonwealth, they began assisting with Project Snowblind; Chung in particular helped to protect Nathan Frost by destroying the synths. With the synth attacks increasing, Chung help Nathan Frost and left for calmer waters. Chung escorted the pair all the way to the Prydwen.As a star paladin, he answers only to the elder, who has given him leave to pursue the Project Snowblind's restoration as he sees fit. Naturally, this means crushing the Institute and fulfilling its mission of upgrading the Institute weaponry and augmentation to the Brotherhood.

A raider who was recently conscripted into the Brotherhood, Andrew Stilwell is an overly curious and excitable recruit on his first combat assignment. Kanazawa does what he can to restrain him and teach his the ways of the Brotherhood. Stilwell was added to Nathan Frost's unit against his advice, but although Kanazawa may act angry and annoyed at Stilwell, it is entirely because he is trying to keep him alive.

John Walker

As John Walker grew up in Diamond City, together with his cousin Stilwell, he never knew his parents. He was rounded up with other raider children by the Brotherhood of Steel, and his cousin Stilwell also joined, John Walker and the other raider children were brought to the Citadel by Elder Lyons to ultimately join the Brotherhood's ranks as Initiates. He was one of the last living members of that group of raider children still stationed at the Prydwen. John Walker turned out to become the largest and strongest member of the recon team, being as blunt and ferocious as a deer, excelling in close quarters combat with a combat knife. He considers himself to be the "jack of all trades" within the unit, equally competent in recon, stealth and tactical assault. John Walker also holds a deep reverence for Elder Maxson, going as far as viewing him as a cousin.

Level headed and professional, Anthony Kanazawa was once one of the most accomplished soldiers of Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel and traveled with Paladin Brandis during the expedition. He fought with Brandis side-by-side during the recon mission in the Commonwealth. However, he broke ties with the Elder Maxson during the demise of Paladin Brandis. It was a result of dissatisfaction with Maxson's focus on protecting the wastes by killing super mutants and synths. A part of Brandis' contingent perceived it as an ineffectual waste of men and resources that would ultimately destroy the Brotherhood. The situation deteriorated, finally tipping when Elder Maxson ignored their repeated requests to recover tech from Fort Strong, a pre-War military base. The dissenters rallied behind Kanazawa, abandoned Brandis' command and left the Prydwen, taking a large part of its weapons and equipment stockpiles with them. The loss of men and materiel had a significant negative impact on the combat performance of Maxson's chapter, greatly reducing its ability to project power throughout the Commonwealth.Since then Kanazawa has led them with a steady hand, attempting to reestablish communications with Elder Maxson. He wrongly considers Maxson a traitor who abandoned his mission. He believes that once they reconnect with the Brotherhood proper, the recon team Artemis will be vindicated and Maxson placed where he belongs, in front of a firing squad.

Thoughts on Project: Snowblind
Project: Snowblind was originally conceived by Crystal Dynamics as part of the Deus Ex series with consultation from original developer Ion Storm. The game eventually evolved into its own product, but retained gameplay elements from its Deus Ex roots. Despite receiving favorable reviews, Project: Snowblind fails to retaining its Deus Ex tradition. I played Project: Snowblind sometimes around 2006-2007 on my PlayStation 2, but the gameplay looks good!
If you endorse this mod as much as it did so, in honor of fallen Brotherhood of Steel Knights and Paladins, please join the Brotherhood and say Ad Victoriam to Nathan Frost!

And if you like Project: Snowblind, please enjoy of Project: Snowblind on Steam, PlayStation 2, and Xbox.