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After many years since the release of the PS3 game Starhawk in 2012, Emmett Graves is back in action in Fallout 4!

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11 years since the release of PlayStation 3 game Starhawk, the most heroic gentleman Emmett Graves is returning back in action!

Back in 2012, Lightbox Interactive, the lesser known subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment, released the third person shooter game that is known to be the spiritual successor to Warhawk, called Starhawk. It follows the story of Emmett Graves, a 24-year old bounty hunter who was infected by the Rift energy. To ensure this, Emmett Graves must hunt down his brother Logan Graves and the army of Rift mutants from destroying his homeworld.

Starhawk was a considered to be a major commercial failure for PlayStation 3 console despite receiving positive reviews, with praising its gameplay and world-building mechanics, such as building turrets, bunkers and bases.

Here's all you need to know about Emmett Graves!

Emmett Graves was born in Capital Wasteland to former war-hero, Paladin Thomas Graves of the Brotherhood of Steel's recon squad and Engineering Corps, and Deborah Graves, whom unknown to most was the cousin of Elder Lyons, the former Elder of East Coast Brotherhood, preceding Elder Arthur Maxson. Emmett was also the adoptive son of Jonas Clayton, but was unaware of his existence due to him being an irresponsible chem addict. With his mother being a Senior Scribe and his father being a squad member of Sentinel Lyons - both of them shared their bond with Squire Sydney Cutter after the Battle of Adams Air Force Base. In 2281, four years after the end of the battle, the Brotherhood of Steel reorganized under Elder Arthur Maxson's command, and those refusing Brotherhood order were referred to as Wastelanders. the Bobrovs, Thomas and Deborah were remained in Diamond CIty, a small settlement for people like themselves who were against the Institute. Since then, Emmett was grew up within the Commonwealth, keeping him away from The Institute's atrocities.

Childhood in Capital Wasteland

At the age of nine in 2283, Jonas Clayton, Thomas Graves, Deborah Graves, Emmett and Lucas Graves were on a trade caravan in The Pitt when it was attacked by the Enclave troops. One of them grabbed Emmett and threatened to kill him if Lucas didn't
hand over the supplies. Lucas then shoot his laser gun at the man and
killed the surrounding Enclave troops - saving himself, Jonas, Emmett, Deborah, Lucas, and the supplies.
One month later, Emmett got lost in the desert. There, she met a Brotherhood squire named Sydney Cutter,
who he thought was a Brotherhood Squire based off his eyeglasses and appearance.
For three days, Cutter took care of Emmett and Lucas while Jonas fled from him in Megaton. On the third day, Emmett asked for a food and water, which resulted
in smoke from the fire - which helped track Thomas, Deborah, Jonas, and Lucas to Emmett.
Upon finding him, Lucas almost killed all of Enclave troops whom were tried to eliminate Emmett Graves. However, Jonas intervened
and spared Cutter as he saved their nephew Emmett Graves. Thomas and Deborah took Emmett back and invited Cutter to live with them at The Citadel in the Capital Wasteland, the main operating base of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel. Jonas initially declined.
The next year, Lucas eventually arrived to The Citadel with Mirelurk stew, Deathclaw meat, and bottles of purified water from the Rivet City cafeteria and stayed two whole years, becoming good friends with the Graves Family before moving out to The Commonwealth ten years later in 2287. At age of eleven in 2278, Emmett's parents took him camping to the Mojave Wasteland - which was also
a test of his survival skills. Within the wilds, the three were
surrounded by dangerous animals. Jonas, Cutter, Thomas and Deborah taught both Emmett and Lucas how to
defend themselves by either locating and killing the leader of the pack to
scatter the others, use fire or guns to scare them away, or to use a
knife and personally kill the animal. After three days of starvation, Emmett and Lucas refused to complain, impressing their parents. On the trip back to The Citadel, his father located a repaired vertibird. With Jonas and Cutter's help, he managed to repair the vertibird while he told Emmett about his
time in the Brotherhood army's motor pool. At some point in his childhood, Emmett
learned of Vault 87, but in later years his memory of how and what he learned was elusive, possibly even deliberately sealed away.
in 2280, his parents were diagnosed with FEV virus after being attacked by Fawkes at Vault 87. Emmett was horrified by what his parents had become and was haunted by dreams of killing them to end their pain. Cutter affirmed Emmett that his thoughts were actually from a place of hatred, and asked to be cured as well if he were ever put in a similar position. Before his parents' disappearance, Cutter revealed the existence of Emmett's uncle Jonas, Cutter's adoptive father, who was to come by Thomas and Deborah's disappearance. Cutter explained
that Oscar was disowned for being an irresponsible alcoholic. Unknown to
them, both had spent the past year recovering. Elder Lyons and Sentinel Lyons both died right before Cutter, Lucas and Jonas arrived to the commonwealth and caused Emmett to relapse. Elder Maxson became Elder of East Coast Broterhood and, despite her feelings towards him, allowed Oscar
to stay. One year after 's death and Oscar's arrival, he earned
the trust and respect from Elder Maxson and was made the Elder of East Coast Brotherhood. Emmett was taught how to shoot and fight from her uncle while she
received an informal education on engineering and mechanics through
salvaged books that his father had saved from the Locust War. Maxson would also take them boarding on the Prydwen in the salt flats outside of Adams Air Force Base. In time, Maxson and Jonas became a father-figure to Emmett, Lucas and Cutter.

Adult years in The Commonwealth

When Emmett became a young adult in 2287, he was obligated to his life in Diamond City amidst the growing threat of the Institute synths. Emmett was nervous about the threat in front of everyone. To quell her daughter and to create a special moment, Reyna performed Kait's braiding ceremony in private. Several days later, he was shocked by the reappearance of his biological parents Thomas and Deborah, sharing the private moment with his adoptive mother Barbara Cutter. As Emmett became a young adult, he was taken on scavenging missions by his adoptive brother Sydney Cutter, which involved raiding dilapidated power houses near the Diamond City built by the Institute. During which, he became familiar with the layout of certain structures built by the Coalition and understood a great deal of engineering and mechanics, also in part due to the knowledge passed down from his adoptive father and all he ever wrote about the subject. He then joined his adoptive father Jonas Clayton on missions raiding Settlements, walled raider cities in the Commonwealth.

Life with The Brotherhood of Steel

In the same year, an arrival of the Prydwen occurred in Boston Airport by its civilians in response to the oppressive and totalitarian nature of the Brotherhood of Steel based in Mojave Wasteland, especially considering it betrayed the beliefs of the original founding Elder, Roger Maxson. The protesters became more agitated and were beginning a riot when the Knights and Paldins were ordered to open fire on the unarmed wastelanders. This event further solidified the Wastelander's beliefs about the new Brotherhood of Steel, and even prompted several civilians and soldiers to abandon the Lyons's Brotherhood of Steel and join the Outsiders. Shortly after, the Commonwealth was greeted by Elder Maxson and Paladin Danse. Maxson and Danse were childhood friends who joined the Brotherhood army, but Maxson convinced Danse to leave the Brotherhood due to being a synth and become wastelanders following the protest against the Institute. While Cutter initially wanted to execute Danse, Emmett immediately defended them. Cutter agreed to take in Rhys, Haylen, Maxson and Danse, but were Emmett's responsibility. Over the next six months, the four became close friends with Emmett and Cutter.


Starhawk was deemed a PlayStation 3 exclusive title, as its developer Lightbox Interactive was a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment. During its release, Lightbox Interactive later described Starhawk as "how Gears of War meets Command and Conquer and Warhawk". After the release of Starhawk, Sony closes Lightbox Interactive despite the commercial failure of Starhawk. Many gamers described Starhawk as the "breakthrough" title, due to its gameplay features with building anything, vehicular combat and third-person combat mechanics.