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robboten and Phoenix46 with help from KKthebeast

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Easy, cozy, snazzy, snappy houses! Bethesda's building kits with snap points.

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New update is coming soon! Meanwhile be sure to check out mine and Damandings new mod - Noir Penthouse Workshop!

Easy, Cozy, Snazzy, Snappy Houses!

Full frames to snap it all together in a jiffy, or do it all by yourself with pieces. Bethesda's own building kits pieced together with snap points added for your comfort and for your settlers. Includes numerous vanilla/custom pieces with snap points, some fixed (like whole roofs) and some original/vanilla. All navmeshed! From big and small house frames to walls, windows, roofs and floors. 

From the friendly comments section:
- "What every Fallout 4 fan requires. This mod completely changes the dynamics of settlement building by unrestrained resource limitations. Imagination now lies in the hands of the maker. Excellent work robboten, and thank-you! Cheers."
- "How the hell have I never found this mod before, this is so underrated"
- "I want to thank you for your phantastic mod and your great job. This mod gives so many posibiliets for building settlements.
Your mod is one of my absolute favorites and one of my main mods (again  at my actual project called "Port Royal".
Keep Up the phantastic work."

Latest News
Update - 8.41
Small update - see change log for description

Update - 8.4
Small update with a few fixes, additions, and restoration of some missing functionality, see the change log
Update - 8.2
Another small update that adds a few items, but mostly does some bug squashing - See the Change Log

Update Snappy_Scrap – 3.1
Scrap recipes were missing for nearly the entire HouseKit. That has been fixed. There are a few HouseKit items from previous versions of Snappy HouseKit that are made scrappable by version 8.0 of the main Snappy HouseKit mod. They are all steep roof items, as far as I'm aware. They will be addressed in the next update of the main mod file.

Update – 8.1
A small update that fixes the installer script so the Snappy menu is removed from the structures tab.

Update – 8.0
Welcome to version 8.0 of Snappy Buildkits. We’ve been working on many updates and new features for this edition. I (robboten) have once again gotten some valuable help, this time from Phoenix46. He is now a part of the team and will hopefully help bring you some nice new updates for the future to. So first of all thank you Phoenix46, without you this wouldn’t have been.

House Kit / Small Town
HouseKit - From the start, Snappy HouseKit consisted solely of the HouseKit, this kit. This was the very first kit I made, and was to be both the beginning, and the end. I now know that it was only the beginning. Since that original release, I have learned many new things and felt it was finally time to give this kit a much-needed makeover. The vanilla parts of this set have odd dimensions and offsets, strange angles, lop-sided corners, etc. I have remade many of the items in it from scratch, such as new walls, foundations, frames, trim pieces, and many other items.

Smalltown - You’ve seen these structures as you’ve roamed around the Commonwealth. Rows and rows of storefronts and homes all attached to one-another with no way to enter them. These odd structures are all jigsaw puzzle pieces with no inside walls. I have cut them apart and merged some of the individual parts into the HouseKit to add more diversity. The front wall sizes are relatively similar, so I figured, “Why not?” I’ve added new foundations to account for the difference in length. Even more may be added later, but that will depend on the responses I get.

Changes for HouseK
  • The HouseKit ground and upper frames have been completely redone
  • All snaps redone and reworked
  • All new foundations
  • All new roofs, flat and pitched. Available in prefab and modular
  • Brand new walls in multiple sizes are available, from the wide walls to fit the width of the foundations, to standard size, and even double standard size with new windows, doorways, and now with brick!
  • Added many new decorative vertical and horizontal wall trims.
  • Brown, white, and green trim options for all trims, parts that have trims on them - With included wallpapers, nearly any color combination is possible)
  • Snapping system has been changed and upgraded, hopefully making the parts much easier to work with.
  • Several new wallpapers
  • Many new porches, stairs, and other accessories
  • Addon deck has been looked over and given some new trims, posts, and even concrete foundations
  • Grass landscaping blocks, with sidewalks, flowers, plants, and reflecting ponds

  • … and more I’m probably forgetting

Subway Station
Due to overwhelming demand (by Donald Strong) I’ve decided to add the interior subway station kit as a bonus. The subway station parts in the Creation Kit are a series of complicated halls that had to be rotated, inspected, changed out, and placed again to get them just right. I’ve changed all that by cutting them up into easy to use sections that take all the guesswork out of it. This includes all walls, pillars, stairs, floors, ceilings, and many different configurations of the ceiling conduits, that snap into the ceiling tiles to make any configuration you can imagine. All wall sections are available in all 4 colors (blue, green, red, and yellow). There are also subway doors, security fences, and a wide variety of lights that even snap to the wall-top electrical conduits as they are positioned in the various subway stations around the Commonwealth. Tunnels and track sections not included at this time. Maybe in a future update…

General Changes to Snappy
  • Snappy menu has been moved to the root workshop menu, and has a new icon
  • Menu is structured alphabetically by kits only (to avoid very complex menus)
  • MCM should work for turning kits on/off, but is not a requirement
  • Install scripts have been reworked and fixed (by SsmB_92 and jostrus)
  • Fixed most of the bugs reported (for list check Changelog)

This version wouldn't be here without these persons, so thanks to...
  • Phoenix46 for doing a looooot of work with this update!
  • Absinth and Donald Strong for testing, ideas and feedback
  • wysiwyg, willyb9 and danielkornev for beta testing and feedback
  • Ethreon for 3ds max support
  • KingTobbe for the 3D Snappy Logo
  • SsmB_92 and jostrus for help with the scripts
  • Munkyspunk for help with some new textures
  • Zilav for xedit support (without xedit none of it would have been possible)

  • All the builders inspiring me to go on doing this - Especially Dapple92, Mego0077, wysiwyq, KingStevie and many more, and you!

Shameless promotion

Digital Fox lists Snappy as one of the 75 best mods for Fallout 4 out there! Thanks! 

CordlessVII makes Snappy HouseKit one of his top 5 settlement buildings mods 2017! Thanks for that! :)

Two amazing builds and some Snappy Showcase vids by Ghostrider250 
Check out his blueprint! http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24365/?

Burlington Hall by Mego0077 

Please post pictures/videos of your builds! I am curious to see what you do with the mod!

And press that Endorse button on top! ;)

Tips, Tricks & Fixes
If you think the workshop menu is too slow try this lag fix https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/35382 !

If you are missing themes or so from Snappy Menu go to the SnappyOS (terminal or pipboy) and chose ReInit.

You need to uninstall the mod in-game BEFORE removing via NMM or MMO in either of this ways:
  • by uninstalling from pip-boy (SnappyOS)
  • by crafting an uninstall chem (at chem workstation) and using it (not needed if you upgrade)

If you don't do one of these, you will probably lose the buildings menu. If you are just upgrading or installing for the first time, no menus will disappear. If they do, something else is wrong. 

Didn't read the above until after? There is still hope.
Download and run SMM (Settlement Menu Manager) by cadpnq, it will restore all your workshop categories, including some from the DLCs that you might not even know were missing! 

How to run SMM successfully:

If you are having trouble placing objects (or moving them after placing), use Place Everywhere by TheLich.

New additions and patches.
  • Scrap recipes for some settlements that use HouseK/Deco parts (Croup, Taffington and some more) so you can rebuild/repair those locations without any other scrapping mods involved. Tell me if I missed anything.
  • Rebroken - Added optional file for those who like broken/vanilla windows. Just dl and put after housek/decokit esp in load order.
  • takatoriyama made a patch for Valdacil's Item Sorting and Snappy 5.5 and it's included in takatoriyama's Radrose Usability Enhancements mod. Thanks for that!

Being actively developed...
  • Institute kit
  • more DLC contents (Wild West)
  • Update of ShellKit

Thanks to my friends