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robboten and co-author KKthebeast

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Easy, cozy, snazzy, snappy houses! Bethesda's building kits with snap points.

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Spectacular work! "A Touch of Downtown Abbey" and below Burlinton Hall by Mego0077  - see user images for more nice builds!

Easy, Cozy, Snazzy, Snappy houses!

Full frames to snap it all together in a jiffy, or do it all by yourself with pieces. Bethesda's own building kits pieced together with snap points added for your comfort and for your settlers. Includes numerous vanilla/custom pieces with snap points, some fixed (like whole roofs) and some original/vanilla. All navmeshed! From big and small house frames to walls, windows, roofs and floors. 

For DLC expansion for Snappy go here ->
(be sure to update to latest Snappy HouseKit first!) 

From the friendly comments section:
"What every Fallout 4 fan requires. This mod completely changes the dynamics of settlement building by unrestrained resource limitations. Imagination now lies in the hands of the maker. Excellent work robboten, and thank-you! Cheers."
"How the hell have I never found this mod before, this is so underrated"
"I want to thank you for your phantastic mod and your great job. This mod gives so many posibiliets for building settlements.
Your mod is one of my absolute favorites and one of my main mods (again  at my actual project called "Port Royal".
Keep Up the phantastic work."

Update - 7.0
NCA Residential and commercial kits
These kits where one sided in vanilla. So I made them double sided as an option as well as added some parts I saw fit to fill the gaps. I also added glass pieces that snaps into the windows to have your own choice of glass. Or none at all.

Industrial kit
Most of these are available in other mods, but have still been requested. So I added them as well as made some walls double sided and more modular. Walkways should work pretty good with NPCs now too.

Dapple92 has done it again! Very nice vid from GhostRider250 too.
Check out the vid and download the blueprint with Snappy as one of the building blocks. Nice showcase of the NCA kits! 

Check out Donald Strongs new vid for some great use of the new industrial walls.

Enjoy and post your pics! 

For full change log see Change Log. Thanks to Thirdstorm for updating for me and to Absinth and Donald Strong for testing and feedback.

Update - 6.0
New version with new kits

HighTech kit
A while ago I asked around what kits to make next. Sarinia said to make the skyscrapers. I looked at them and saw they had no collision, so I suggested the HighTech kit instead. I thought that would be faster. Man... was I wrong. From the start, I found the kit a bit boring, all grey and no nice designs as my old fav DecoLobbyA, for example. But then, I got into it and found it was really a nice kit with all kinds of variations. It's not an easy kit. It's more of an advanced toolkit really. The walls are mostly one sided so you will have to build like Bethesda did the houses. Put some foundation and floors and then add exterior/interior walls as separate objects. This will seem like a strange thing to do, but it adds so much flexibility. Instead of wallpapers think of the interior/exterior walls as wallpapers. You can now change not only the texture but the whole look of the buildings by combining different pieces together. I also added some new doors and some furniture from the HighTech kit. Take some time to get to know it, experiment with it! Donald Strong (who does some great buildings) gave some helpful advice - "before delving too far into the kits, stroll around the commonwealth and find examples of those building pieces being used". This helped me a lot. Some parts I was like... eh... what? Then saw how they were used and I really liked them. There are still a lot of pieces left to add on this kit. It turned out to be one of the largest kits in the game. Snappy now has thousands of new pieces to build with!

(Video Provided by Ghostrider250)

Parking Garage
Donald Strong also wanted something (I like requests as long as they are well motivated). He wanted the Parking Garage. And I had the same reaction as before... boring! Turns out I was wrong again! Parking Garage Kit is more than that. You can make very nice buildings and market places and such with it. This kit is a little less tricky but has some learning curve to get it all right. You will find this under By Kit in the menu.

(Video Provided by Ghostrider250)

As a little bonus, since I am a Twin Peaks fan, I got help from KingTobbe to make the lodge floors as carpets. I just love them already and am working to get matching drapes for them too.

Also added some requested wallpaper sections - half doorways, double doorways and more. And I fixed a couple of bugs (see change log).

As requested, the new kits are merged into HouseK esp. The old DecoKit esp is also merged into HouseK. I am a little worried about this since I don't want anything you have built to disappear. I hope I have solved it. But for those of you who have things already built, keep the DecoKit esp in your load order for now! For those that don't have old things built from the DecoKit, you don't need this esp anymore. Version 6.0 of Snappy has all kits except the DLC kits.

I wish to thank several people who helped me in this huge update (no order):
Popay55, WileyQuixote, KingStevie, falout4memes for testing and feedback on HighTech kit
Donald Strong for ideas, testing and feedback (see his youtube for more crazy/nice builds!)
Sarinia for testing, spell checking, ideas and feedback
KingTobbe for the Twin Peaks floors and his help getting answers and information I needed (i.e. online research, etc.)

Thanks to Hozsa for helping me fix the HouseK stairs! (And sorry Hozsa for forgetting to credit you earlier!) If you ever have problems with navmeshes try his mod NavMeshFixer!
Ethreon for 3DS Max Support and all sorts of help
KKthebeast for teaming up with me on v4 and v5 (for a year), DecoKit and glass in the lobby pieces and for all sorts of 3D stuff ;)
Lapdragon for merging the esp files
Munkyspunk for... eh... just because I have to... ;)
cadpng for his SMM that helped me a lot while creating this update. I hope I can integrate his scripts into Snappy later.
Jonwd7 for his work with nifskope and some nice new features for me
Ousnius for helping me with a nif utility that helped me a lot
zilav for xedit and scripts! <3

CordlessVII for his nice videos with Snappy 

Ghostrider250 deserves an extra big thanks this time too, for making the wonderful presentation video for me! Check out his stunning builds in his youtube channel

And of course, all of you users for downloading and uploading great pics!
Thank you all and have fun!


Digital Fox lists Snappy as one of the 75 best mods for Fallout 4 out there! Thanks for that!


CordlessVII makes Snappy HouseKit one of his top 5 settlement buildings mods 2017! Thanks for that! :)

And CordlessVII does it again! This time a factory! Very nice use of MetalKit! I hope you enjoy seeing his vids as much as I do and find Snappy as useful and fun as him! :)

The original HouseKit is shown here. This was where it all started (before I just happened to do the other kits, too). Great build! Nice offices. Thanks again for making this, CordlessVII!

Another great build! Also by CordlessVII. He makes a church and graveyard with Snappy and other mods.
Watch his other videos for more builds that include Snappy! :)


Another really amazing build by Ghostrider250. Jaw dropping good! I want to go there on holiday! He tells me all the buildings are done with Snappy. If anyone (except Donald Strong) can master this much patience in building. Good (although good doesn't cut it for this..) job GhostRider250!

Behold the magic Castle! The building skills are magic anyway! Amazing work! Snappy DecoKit Main A with Stone theme and other pieces from Ethreon's nice mods (see video end credits).
Ghostrider250 also made this blueprint


Watch Petard's Communist Alley with parts from Snappy (and others):


A small and not so fancy build tutorial by me. Just to show some basics.


Please post pictures/videos of your builds! I am curious to see what you do with the mod!

And press that Endorse button on top! ;)

Tips, Tricks & Fixes
If you are missing themes or so from Snappy Menu go to the SnappyOS (terminal or pipboy) and chose ReInit.

You need to uninstall the mod in-game BEFORE removing via NMM or MMO in either of this ways:

  • by uninstalling from pip-boy (SnappyOS)
  • by crafting an uninstall chem (at chem workstation) and using it (not needed if you upgrade)

If you don't do one of these, you will probably lose the buildings menu. If you are just upgrading or installing for the first time, no menus will disappear. If they do, something else is wrong. 

Didn't read the above until after? There is still hope.
Download and run SMM (Settlement Menu Manager) by cadpnq, it will restore all your workshop categories, including some from the DLCs that you might not even know were missing! 

How to run SMM successfully:

If you are having trouble placing objects (or moving them after placing), use Place Everywhere by TheLich.

New additions and patches.
  • Scrap recipes for some settlements that use HouseK/Deco parts (Croup, Taffington and some more) so you can rebuild/repair those locations without any other scrapping mods involved. Tell me if I missed anything.
  • Rebroken - Added optional file for those who like broken/vanilla windows. Just dl and put after housek/decokit esp in load order.
  • takatoriyama made a patch for Valdacil's Item Sorting and Snappy 5.5 and it's included in takatoriyama's Radrose Usability Enhancements mod. Thanks for that!

Being actively developed...

  • Hi-tech Kit (even more parts)
  • Institute kit
  • more DLC contents (Wild West)
  • more wallpaper variations

Thank you to my friends:

  • Initial idea - rdunlap
  • Co-creator for DecoKit (Snappy v4.0) and for helping with snaps, models and be generally a great guy - KKthebeast
  • For taking me in as a noob, mentoring and more - rdunlap and The Lapdragon
  • Thirdstorm and popay55 for extensive testing and good ideas/suggestions
  • Special thanks to cadpnq for his menu script! If you can't make the menus appear, try it now!
  • Sarinia for doing spell and grammar checking for me! :)