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Easy, cozy, snazzy, snappy houses! Bethesda's building kits with snap points.

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Easy, Cozy, Snazzy, Snappy Houses!

Bethesda's own building kits pieced together with snap points added for your comfort and for your settlers. Includes numerous vanilla/custom pieces with snap points, some fixed (like whole roofs) and some original/vanilla. All navmeshed! From big and small house frames to walls, windows, roofs and floors. 

From the friendly comments section
- "What every Fallout 4 fan requires. This mod completely changes the dynamics of settlement building by unrestrained resource limitations. Imagination now lies in the hands of the maker. Excellent work robboten, and thank-you! Cheers."
- "How the hell have I never found this mod before, this is so underrated"
- "I want to thank you for your phantastic mod and your great job. This mod gives so many posibiliets for building settlements.
Your mod is one of my absolute favorites and one of my main mods (again 
 at my actual project called "Port Royal".
Keep Up the phantastic work."

Latest News
Update time finally!
As usual these things takes more time than you usually think. It went from just some snap changes to a lot of new items (somewhere around 500 new models in just ShellKit). This has taken almost a year of development but now it’s here! And hopefully you will like it!

Shellkit was one of the first made, just after HouseKit. So it was definitely in need of a rework. Updated snaps, nicer glass windows with collision and so on. As inspiration for new models we looked through the vanilla assets with brick and picked some we thought was nice, cut them up and made them modular. The new parts are cut from unique buildings, like the Old State House, the Old North Church, Faneuil Hall, and others. We even picked apart Red Rocket gas station. Our idea is that you could combine these pieces and make new nice mansions, warehouses, gas stations, garages, churches and residential buildings of all sorts.

Our friend Vronykah (from Creative Clutter Team) helped us by making some new plaster materials for these that we thought suited them more than the old worn plaster material. So the Shell pieces will be available in some variations of brick and some plaster variations. We didn’t make any wallpapers this time. These take a lot of time to make and need a lot of space in the esp, so we spent our time caring for the actual shell pieces instead. If you want to make wallpapers for Snappy you are always welcome to get in contact with us!

Most of the pieces can be combined between the Shell sub kits, some pieces are more specialized and might not work that well with the others, but we want you to play around and make your own limits. Just because we added submenus for them doesn’t mean you should avoid mixing it up!

Interior Building Kits
These are very commonly used ingame for every sort of building, mostly interior ones. They have some very nice floors and a lot of stairs of all types. This is an advanced kit, as all the walls are one-sided and there are no half walls. The walls snap back to back, which also makes this kit HIGHLY versatile if you take the time to learn it. You can use the brick kit on one side to make an exterior wall, then use the wallpaper, deco, or one of the wood kits to make the interior side of the same wall, or any other combination of kits you want, as all of the parts are interchangeable. Then you choose which set of plugs you want to use to fit into the socket pieces for windows and doorways. You can add a metal door frame to a marble wall or a wood window frame to a concrete wall. We even made some plugs into shelves that are compatible with Creative Clutter and Do It Yourshelf.

We added a lot of themes for these so you can really mix and match, and go for your own custom feel to your settlements. The kits with themes are as follows:

  • Brick - Available in Steam, Factory, White, which will match with themes in the DecoMainA kit, and Red, which matches vanilla Shellkit
  • Concrete - 4 themes
  • Deco - 2 themes
  • Wallpaper - 5 themes
  • WoodB - 2 themes
  • WoodP - 5 themes

Beyond the ones mentioned above, there are the Colonial Kit, which contains some short dividers and fluted pillars, and the Combat Zone Kit, which has some trims that are custom to that building.

There are also floors, stairs, railings, pillars, skylights and more to match. Since some of our users like to build broken buildings we also added a lot of broken stuff in there along with the cleaned up ones.

To make this more compatible with other kits we also made plugs for NCA and shell so you can combine these assets even more. More of these compatibility items will be made in the future to help make this kit fit better with the others.

Again, advanced kit! Loads of stuff! Don't get too frustrated if you can't piece it all together at first try. And probably don't even try if you are the one that wants something fast and easy. I recommend going through the menus and look through the different models though. There might be something you can use in there.

As an extra bonus we added the utility kit. It is smaller than the rest of the interior kits, and very utilitarian. This set consists of hallways and small room sections that are mostly used as access to other areas in the game. Such as side access to the Mass Pike Tunnel, and the lower levels of the Federal Ration Stockpile, Most of the kit is straight forward, and works like the rest of the interior kits, but the pipes that snap to the ceilings can be a little challenging. We have done our best to name them in such a way as you can tell which pipes are meant to attach to each other.

If you look at the very end of the main menu you'll see the Landscaping menu. Most of the outdoor elements in Snappy have been moved to this menu. This includes the Sidewalk/Park items that were previously in with the HouseKit, Grass Mounds, Retaining Walls,  Sidewalks, Wrought Iron (Fences, fence posts, and gates) , Footpaths, and some miscellaneous steps. 

The sidewalks and wrought iron sections are new with this release. Please check them out as we think they are fantastic additions! 

Other stuff
Phoenix has also fixed the main Snappy menu a little. Mostly just straightened them out and made the tilt and angle of them uniform in the workshop menu, but did change a few of them to hopefully more pleasing models.
We fixed most of the bugs reported here, see changelog for all the details.

Help needed - why are there no tutorials?
We know these kits are a handful of stuff to dig into and some are a bit complex. Making a video to explain it would have been super nice and helpful, but unfortunately neither of us are good at that stuff. So if anyone out there are good at making tutorials on how to build or such let us know! We can help you with our knowledge of the build kits if you want to help us making a vid for it.

Another option we have thought about is blueprints. So if there are those out there that likes making buildings with snappy please make a blueprint of it and share with us! If you already have one that uses Snappy we can add a link for it here if you want.

For this version special thanks to goes out to...
  • Phoenix46 for doing a looooot of work with this update!
  • Donald Strong for ideas and feedback
  • Danielkornev for extensive testing and feedback along the way of this update
  • Elaron and adirondack9 for even more beta testing and feedback

  • All the builders inspiring me to go on doing this - Especially Dapple92, Mego0077, wysiwyq, KingStevie and many more, and you!

Don't forget the Endorse button!

Also be sure to check out mine and Damandings new mod - Noir Penthouse Workshop!

Blueprints with Snappy
if you have a blueprint made with snappy let us know and we will add it to the list!

Support Section
Tips, Tricks & Fixes
  • If you are missing themes or so from Snappy Menu go to the SnappyOS (terminal or pipboy) and chose ReInit.
  • If you are having trouble placing objects (or moving them after placing), use Place Everywhere by TheLich.

Uninstalling Snappy
You need to uninstall the mod in-game BEFORE removing via NMM or MMO in either of this ways:
  • by uninstalling from pip-boy (SnappyOS)
  • by crafting an uninstall chem (at chem workstation) and using it (not needed if you upgrade)

If you don't do one of these, you will probably lose the buildings menu. If you are just upgrading or installing for the first time, no menus will disappear. If they do, something else is wrong. 

Didn't read the above until after? There is still hope (but no guarantee).
Download and run SMM (Settlement Menu Manager) by cadpnq, it will hopefully restore all your workshop categories, including some from the DLCs that you might not even know were missing!

Thanks to
  • For all those nice signs and such do download Gruffydd's Signs and Posters by Gruffydd! He even did a Snappy Sign for me (seen in banner on top). 
  • Ethreon for 3ds max support
  • KingTobbe for the 3D Snappy Logo
  • SsmB_92 and jostrus for help with the install scripts
  • Vronykah and Munkyspunk for help with textures
  • Zilav for xedit support (without xedit none of it would have been possible)