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Settlement transfer of WRVR built in mind to have a heavy artisitic and aristocratic influance thus combining Art with Wealth in a almost haute bohème fashion. The town is a wood tower, a doctors office and store. it also has a PRA player home attached. (the Studio Apartment.)

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In these days the pauper never appreciates the fine arts. they would burn the Van Gogh, sully the brush, eschew the singer, and spit upon the play write. Why only we the High Bohemians can appreciate art. in fact only we can afford it. In the words of the bard, “If money go before, all ways do lie open.”It is for this we built our tower and moved close to WRVR. To head our love of celebrities, to paint, sing, sow, dance, and plant beauty in the world around us. meanwhile we are safe from the uncouthed masses outside our dear walls.

Our homes have pictures of idols. and the music plays loud.  our floors are carpeted and our homes are warm. if you too are haute bohème then please take up residence in our fair tower and influence the world!

Every apartment is built with some character to get the fullness of this settlement you need almost all the mods. the bare bones will still be good to build into however.
If you want bare bones and naked tower just Clean shacks and Woodys Wastelands should cover you.  You will of course mess all the life in the tower if you do.