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Transfer Settlements Blueprint of a clean Sanctuary rebuild using only Homemaker Expanded Settlements and Vanilla assets.

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One mod that's not a requirement but i highly recommend: Fallout 4 Seasons - Grass - Trees - Plants - Snow
It adds color and life to the whole commonwealth. Comes with a choice of seasons and in my screenshots im using the Spring version.

                                                                                                Scrap Instructions
       So scrapping this before import is a bit tedious since you can't do a scrap all in console with all the scrap mods activated. If you do you will lose the road and sidewalks. After you deal with Codsworth's mini quest and kill the bloatflies, save and exit game and disable "SC_ExpandedScrapList.esp" and "Scrap Everything.esp" or simply have them already disabled . Now you can do a scrap all in console. At this point re-enable both esp's you previously disabled. Now manually scrap everything but the road and sidewalks. I've uploaded 7 screen shots in the image section that detail exactly what to scrap. For anything around the borders of the settlement that you can't scrap press "insert" on your keyboard and that enables extra objects and also allows you to move the workshop. Also if you want to get rid of any eye sores outside of the border of your settlement you can use both "insert" and "F5" so you won't time out.