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Well, this is it. My final settlement, at least for purely vanilla settlements. I'm going out with a bang, with my most detailed settlement yet.

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Boston Airport, centrally located between the four main factions of the Commonwealth, was chosen to be the Capitol and Embassies for the New England Republic. The government offices for the departments running civilian functions and the High Senate are located here, along with deluxe suites for visiting dignitaries. President Emily Delaney, the General's Wife, runs the Republic from here, working with representatives from each of the city states and members of the Grand Coalition to ensure the glories of Old World America are rebuilt. Although the General, Nathan Delaney, has an office here, he prefers to govern the armies of the Minutemen from the Castle. Scribe Elanor represents Sarah Lyon's reformed Brotherhood, and Dr. Patrica Vance represents the Second Institute's interests, free from the corruption of the previous one. The Commonwealth Intelligence Service, formerly the Railroad, is headed by Agent Wesley Peterson and the official Ambassador from the NCR is Ranger Doris Smith. Other major factions, such as Diamond City, Goodneighbor, the Atom Cats, Vault 81, Bunker Hill, Acadia and Far Harbor are represented in the High Senate. It is here that the Nuka-World trails were held, and the former tyrants of the Commonwealth were judged for their crimes. Most of the former Institute leaders were executed, along with Preston Garvey and the few Enclave and Gunner brass that were taken alive at Nuka World. Mayor McDonough and a few of the Upper Stands residents of Diamond City are currently serving life sentences in the Glowing Sea detention zone. Conrad Kellogg was acquitted and granted immunity for helping the General infiltrate the Institute, and Shaun Delaney avoided a death sentence and was instead charged with exile, for his work on designing the Purifiers that provide water for a vast majority of the citizens of the Republic. Arthur Maxson was also sentenced to exile after it was revealed he was merely a puppet for Henry Casdin and Lancer Captain Kells. The Children of Atom are currently in the process of being dismantled and disbanded after it was revealed that it was a merely cult created to gather intelligence for former Ini-Tec workers.