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After 20 years, the most beloved Brute Force team is back in action around the Commonwealth!

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Back in 2003, Digital Anvil, the lesser known video game developer based out of Texas, had released its last ever title, Brute Force, exclusively for Microsoft Xbox console. In the game, players follows the team of intergalactic recon team who sent to defeat the alien forces around the galaxy, much like Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and Halo series. Retrospectively, many gamers and critics called Brute Force as "Halo meets Ghost Recon" or "Halo meets Rainbow Six", because of its unique gameplay mechanics akin to Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. Because of its obscure sales, Brute Force met with positive reviews and it can be considered as "the turning point of the tactical shooter genre since Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six".

20 years later, Tex, Hawk, Flint and the robot Brutus is back in action in Fallout 4, as they're been recruited by the Brotherhood of Steel to defeat The Institute.
Here's Everything You Need To Know About the Brute Force

The Brute Force is a specialty Brotherhood of Steel recon team that is aimed to assist the robots to join and work closely with the Brotherhood of Steel, as it was the brainchild of Sentinel Lyons. Texas "Tex" was one of the first recruits under Elder Lyons and Paladin Bratton was considered to be the founder of Brute Force team, as the Brotherhood uses Robobrains, Assaultrons, Protectrons, Sentry Bots and Mr. Gutsy to protect themselves from the foreign and enemy threats.

Texas "Tex"

Texas "Tex" is the main star of Brute Force team. Beginning his military career as a squire and then Initiate in the Brotherhood of Steel, he was an experienced Brotherhood Paladin and ends up becoming a linchpin of Operation Brute Force, specifically the hero of the Battle of Adams Air Force Base, where Tex uncovers and stops the Enclave's plot to use a new-found super weapon to devastate the Brotherhood of Steel at any costs.

Due to the irradiated environment of The Pitt, Tex's family relocated to the Capital Wasteland in search of a better life when he was a child. The predominantly Raider city of The Pitt was subjected to harassment and exploitation by the Brotherhood of Steel. An event known as The Scourge, a result of the Brotherhood of Steel's continued assimilation of people's livelihoods in his home system, inspired Tex to volunteer as a Brotherhood of Steel Knight to free the Capital Wasteland from the oppression of the Enclave. One of his first assignments as a rifleman was during the battle of Adams Air Force Base, where he suffered a bitter concussion in the line of duty and had trouble remembering his involvement as a result.


Brutus (real name Isaac) is a Combat Intelligence Specialist who operates for the Brute Force, a specialty Brotherhood of Steel assault and tactics team.

Brutus (then known as Isaac) is an Enclave-trained electrical engineer, born and raised on Capital Wasteland. After getting screwed over by the Enclave on a Capital Wasteland job placement that cost him all his savings just to move out there, Isaac ended up in the right place at the right time - the notorious 'Brutus killing spree' - to take the Brotherhood of Steel's timely offer of employment, and he ultimately becomes the robot known as Brutus (as Elder Lyons named him after the namesake Roman military figure), after being killed by the Enclave for failing John Henry Eden's orders to defeat the Brotherhood of Steel. Years later in 2287, Brutus's current roles are to track down The Institute's primary defense systems during combat on behalf of the Brute Force, tracking mission progress, and giving tactical guidance to the Brotherhood of Steel on the ground. He tends to work in tandem with fellow officer Flint and Paladin Bratton, his superior.


Rising as a covert operative to become a commander of the Special Recon Squadron (SRS) of the Brotherhood of Steel, Flint is one of the central figureheads of the Brute Force, a specialty Brotherhood of Steel recon group. Though known to have an excellent combat training, Flint is usually shown in a field command role, providing logistics and important information to Scribes and Knights on their mission such as when they can usually doing their own tactics; she is still known to occasionally embark on special, usually covert, missions, even personally deploying onto a battlefield with her friends Brutus, Hawk and Tex when necessary.

In her youth and early in her career, Flint was an angry young woman who would agree to whatever it takes to see the Enclave laid low for their transgressions. In the years since, she matured and maintains a level head where she can. She is a professional when serving her role as a commander, quick to dispense orders, relay info and make decisions that best serve the Brotherhood of Steel and their goals. She prefers to lead by trust, regularly providing gentle encouragement and showing legitimate concern for those under her command, even mercenaries and scribes. Elder Lyons proves that Flint was a highly trained Brotherhood Squire.

More than anything, though, Flint is an idealist, at least as far as the cause of the Brotherhood of Steel is concerned. She earnestly believes that the Brotherhood of Steel are, in her words, "the good guys," that total Capital Wasteland and The Commonwealth independence is the ultimate, most admirable goal and is worth any sacrifice. Her maturity never squelched her hatred for the Enclave and The Institute and what they did to her friends. As a Brotherhood diehard under Elder Maxson's command, she has no intention of switching sides any time soon.


Knight Hawk (as pronounced they/them) was an officer with the Brotherhood of Steel's Brute Force. Hawk was tasked by Paladin Flint to investigate an Institute research facility, being given a device to help them navigate the area due to the high levels of residual energy there which teleported to The Institute beneath the CIT. This device allowed them to teleport into the Institute. Upon arriving at the facility, Hawk discovered that the Institute was planning on using a weapon of an unknown design, later known as the Quantum Weapon, to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel controlled airship of Prydwen. Before they could report that findings to Elder Maxson, Hawk was badly injured after an attacking raider working for the Institute shoots at them with a laser gun while they trying to escape from Paladin Brandis, but it saved by Paladin Danse and Scribe Haylen thereafter. To ensure that, Tex helps Hawk to free the Commonwealth from the Institute threats. Hawk's mother, also named Mrs. Hawk, who was a resident of Diamond City.


Paladin Bratton was the founder of Brute Force, a specialty recon and assault team of the Brotherhood of Steel. Hailing from the Commonwealth, he was linked to Elder Lyons for many years before transferring control to his son Tex, whom he mentored.
Bratton was a founding member of the highly regarded Brotherhood of Steel recon team, the Brute Force. He saw potential in Squire Tex to be a Brute Force member, and took it upon himself to mentor him. At the Citadel, Bratton trained Tex, Hawk and Flint with Elder Lyons on how to use a gun. However, the training was interrupted as the Citadel came under attack by the Enclave. The Brotherhood knights evacuated to the Citadel, where Bratton saved his son Tex from the Enclave attacks. Few weeks later, he was badly injured by an Enclave attack at Adams Air Force Base, but is saved by Sentinel Lyons. Years later in 2287, Bratton continues to become the prime leader of Brute Force, in charge for defeating The Institute on the hands of the Brotherhood.
Thoughts on Brute Force
Brute Force was a lesser known Xbox game from 2003, and it was developed by an obscure Texas video game developer known as Digital Anvil, known for their two space simulation games Starlancer and Freelancer. Sadly, after the release of the Xbox-exclusive title Brute Force, DIgital Anvil was closed down for good and its founder, Chris Roberts, would later form his own company called Cloud Imperium Games, best known for the ongoing video game, Star Citizen. Though receiving positive critical reception, Brute Force did not recoup its sales because of its lacklustre sales attributed by the success of Halo series on the original Xbox console.