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Vault 88 Minutemen settlement created from my Nora campaign. A mishmash of Institute, Vault-Tec and Minutemen themes, it serves as the new home for the Institute refugees and other settlers.

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1.0 - settlement blueprint release, item_count: 4256


My second complete playthrough of Fallout 4 had Nora as the Sole Survivor this time and I played her like the lawyer I envisioned her as, passionate about what she believes in but measured, deliberate. Her integrity is her foundation which made for some interesting quest choices. She's an eternal optimist, and it was even more important keeping that way waking up into this wasteland and later finding out about her son. All of this is reflected on how the settlements would be designed and built in this Restoring the Commonwealth campaign.

This is my Vault 88 settlement blueprint using the Transfer Settlements utility. It goes directly into Slot #13.


Design Notes:

All of my settlements are self sustaining setups capable of managing their own food, water, defense and contributing into the junk/meat train running through all of the settlements in the Commonwealth. There's enough crop that's farmed where if a settler/farmer was kidnapped or killed for x reasons, the resulting drop in production does not take the yield below the population number.

This settlement is considered Humongous among my builds so there are enough beds and resources to cover a population of 35.

I use Scrap Everything to remove debris / trash and also structures if they can be rebuilt either using DLC assets or mods which is detailed in the Requirements section above.

I've only built out the Main, East and North sectors of the area. Northeast was left bare.

Not all of the bedrooms were furnished beyond having a bed for the vault dwellers to sleep in as well. Some were fully furnished for screenshots, the rest I'll leave to you how you want to decorate them.

Navmesh is also broken in many of the constructed areas, it's a problem with Vault 88 in general given the number of hallways and floors of this settlement.

Also noting that unfortunately two of the most heavily used mods in my settlements have moved on from Nexus Mods and are now hosted over at Bethesda.net, please see the Requirements section.

I also use several Clean variants of textures to reflect Nora's meticulous style but that is purely optional. Clean Shacks are a requirement however as the wood pieces actually replace the game objects so please make sure that's the direction you want to go in game.

There are mods from the Creation Club that are also used in this settlement but again it's left entirely up to you whether you want to include these (all but the Slocum's Joe building serve as clutter and you can replace that building with something else of your own preference in locations where present). If you want to keep the settlement to have similar assets as my screenshots, I encourage you to have these installed as well.

  • Nuka-Cola Collector Workshop
  • Coffee and Donuts Workshop Pack
  • Home Decor Workshop Pack
  • Arcade Workshop Pack
  • Modern Furniture Workshop Pack
  • Charleston Condo Workshop Pack

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