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Murkwater Construction Site constructed!

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So here is my contribution to Boston DC to make it a better and quieter place by giving a fun, lucrative and potientialy deadly activity to all raiders frustated by the premature closure of the combat zone.
Yeah you guess right, a new arena opened at Murkwater "Construction Site", which obviously isn't a "Construction Site" anymore,  far away in the middle of the swamp so they cant bother anyone but themselves, with luck half of them will die before reaching the place, and the other half well, it's happening here: in a cluncky, chaotic, messy and dirty arena. Fights every days every hours in a tight and cosy pit, with participating, often non-volunteer, spectators, against poisonous animals, irradiated creatures, insane humidity rate and devouring flames! The bet is on!
And of course, no self-respected raider will go to a place without the insurance to be high, drunk or better, both at the same time twenty three hours per day. So the place offers mainy side activities with classics as moonshine bar, motel or random gear shop, and more uncommon as on-the-water bar, dance (hum-hum) club or even some "gardening volunteerism".

After that big pack of text, some insights about this settlement.
i keep the few inside minimalistics for two reasons: 1st one is fps rate, mine droped by 10+, and 2nd one is more lore oriented: when visiting raiders area, they got very little stuff, just enough to sleep and sit, which is what i try to keep in mind here.
i've never done a raider settlement, but i did put a raider beacon at the top of the arena, powered but it's turned off by default (not sure how TS manage this), and i didnt put a raider flag you will have to place it.
The cages work in my game, but for one the mob may got stuck in the entrance (happened half of the time).
Decoration could have been better but i try to keep the mod list as low as possible, so just the basics here.

I'm using version of TS 1.44. If this is causing any issue i can upload a new file in the lastest version.

Check requierement tab for links.

1/ Better using a cleaning mod to remove all the trash piles and other clutter than will clip through the added objects.
2/ Wire lines are saved in the file.
3/ Not mandatory but i'm using no more twigs by Klus1ve, very useful mod.
4/ Expect settlers to perform their favorite activty: getting stuck.

I guess it's all, if you have any comment or suggestion, feel free to post.

Hope you'll like it!


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