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SMM provides an easy way to add custom menus and makes said menus automatically disappear on uninstall (without breaking your build menu!)

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As of 0.1.6 SMM now automatically repairs the workshop menu on every game load (if WSFW isn't installed). 

Settlement Menu Manager provides a safe, easy way to add custom categories to the settlement menu. As a user this means you can install SMM enabled mods without worrying about ending up with a broken build menu should you choose to uninstall them. Non-SMM mods will still require uninstallers.

Are you a mod author? Skip down to the Author Section.
User FAQ:
Q: If I install SMM can I still use mods that set their own menus up?
A: Yes. SMM is designed to play nicely with other mods.

Q: If I install this does it mean that I can install/uninstall anything without worrying about menus disappearing?
A: No, you will still need to run the uninstaller for any mod which is not using SMM.

Q: If I want to stop using SMM can I just disable it? (Can SMM uninstall itself automatically?)
A: No, it isn't actually possible for a mod to automatically clean up after itself once it has been uninstalled. In order to properly uninstall SMM you will have to activate the "Safe Mode" feature SMM has, save, close your game, and then remove it from your load order. Obviously, uninstalling SMM will break any mod that relies on SMM.

Q: What is "Safe Mode" and how do I enable it?
A: Safe Mode temporarily removes everything that SMM has added to the build menu for the purpose of uninstalling SMM itself (see above question on uninstalling SMM). The next time you load your game or open and close the build menu everything will be re-added. To activate Safe Mode run the Settlement Menu Manager Holotape that was added to your inventory when you installed SMM and select "Enter Safe Mode".  We do NOT recommend uinstalling SMM or workshop modes mid-game even though this mod exists in part for the purpose of making it easier to do (ironic we know but people will do as they wish, we're just trying to minimize the damage).

Q: A non-SMM enabled mod broke my build menu. Can I use SMM to fix it?
A: Yes, select the "Settlement Menu Rescue" option in the SMM holotape. It will scan through the build menu and remove every invalid category/menu (without clobbering the valid ones). However as of 0.1.6 SMM will run an auto menu repair every time the game is loaded. If SMM detects that the user has Workshop Framework (WSFW) installed it will skip the auto menu repair since that is now also a feature in WSFW.

Q: Can I use SMM with SKE?
A: Yep.

Q: Where should I put SMM in my load order?
A: Anywhere should be fine.

Q: I can't find the holotape after installing SMM, how do I get it?
A: There are now two craftable holotapes in the Chemistry workbench Utility section. One with VIS naming style and one without. Feel free to create and publish a patch* with an alternative holotape naming style of your choice. *Patch meaning you only edit the holotape record's name, please don't publish the full mod with a renamed holotape.

Q: I have a mod whose menu isn't showing up for me, how do I fix it?
A: The most common problem is a broken workshop menu from incorrectly uninstalling a mod that requires an uninstall chem. Try running the Settlement Menu Rescue option from your holotape. Then try reinstalling the mod with the missing menu.  Other potential issues in the spoiler below.
Most common reasons for a newly installed mod's menu not showing up:
1. Broken workshop menu, run the SMM menu rescue option in the SMM holotape.
2. Failed installation (partial installation due to mod manager failure is the most common, especially if using very old versions of NMM).
3. Installed SMM after installing the mod that requires it. Always install SMM before any mods that require it (load order doesn't matter though).
4. Using an outdated version of the game with a new or recently updated mod (this is due to a header change introduced in Dec 2019).
5. You attempted to convert the mod to esl format.
6. You're over the plugin limit (254 for standard esp files).

Q: I use Sim Settlements (SS) and installed SMM and my SS menu disappeared. How do I get it back?
A: SS uses its own custom script to detect if SMM is installed and then removes the SS content from the Special menu and creates a new SS menu at the end of the main workshop menu. This process will fail if the main workshop menu was already broken*, see the spoiler for more details. *If you have  v1.1.11 or later of Workshop Framework installed it will repair your workshop menu on every game load and SMM will no longer be required for Sim Settlements.

Since the SS menu injection quest only runs once when it first detects that SMM has been installed you can't rerun the quest after using SMM to fix your workshop menu. So for this situation you'll need to use an alternative menu fixing tool to repair the workshop menu BEFORE installing SMM. So revert to a save file from before you installed SMM, run the other menu fixing tool to repair the menu. Then create a full save (not a quick save or exit save) and exit the game to desktop. Then you can install SMM and restart the game. The SS menu quest should now work correctly.

Q: I've tried running the menu rescue to fix my menu and it still isn't working what do I do?
A: If that didn't work, there are more involved steps you can try next:

If simply running the Menu Rescue option did not resolve the problem try these steps exactly:
1. Uninstall the mod you attempted to install with the game completely exited (or exit to desktop after using in game mod manager to delete the mod). Revert to a save game from prior to installing the mod that isn't working. Run the Settlement Menu Rescue option and wait a minute (this much time is just in case you have significant script lag), you should get a message pop-up when it is finished running.
2. Create a full save game (not just an exit or quick save)
3. Exit the game completely to desktop. It cannot be running at all, not even at the main menu.
4. Reinstall the mod that disappeared from your menu (do NOT open the game in between the uninstall and reinstall)
5. Once your mod is fully reinstalled you may now load the full save game you created in step 2

If on the rare occasion the Settlement Menu Rescue option and the above steps to reinstall did not fix your missing mod menu you will need to create a custom ini settings file to enable papyrus logging.  The best option is to rename your existing Fallout4Custom.ini (if you already have one) as a backup since you will want to disable logging later. If you don't already have a custom ini file, create one in the following location.
C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\My Games\Fallout 4\Fallout4\Fallout4Custom.ini is the most common location for your normal Fallout ini file, add your custom ini file to the same location.
Populate the Fallout4Custom.ini file with the following:
Logging will now go to a file at the location C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\My Games\Fallout 4\Logs\Script\Papyrus.0.log

Once you've enabled papyrus logging start your game and run the option in your holotape menu called "Generate Debug Log"
Two new files will be generated to the same location as the papyrus log listed above. If you see the missing mod in the results list in those files then there are two possibilities: 1. if you know the mod had worked in the past for you or works for others then you likely have a corrupted menu in your save game*. 2: if the mod has no history of working for anyone then let the mod author of that mod know their mod is not functioning correctly and provide them the steps you've tried to figure this out. 
If the missing mod is NOT in the results list then it was most likely an error during the installation of that mod. In that case try uninstalling and reinstalling the mod (once you've exited the game only). 
*If you have a corrupted menu in that save game it will usually prevent reinstall of just that particular mod but other mods will still install correctly. I've not found a fix for this problem. You'll need to either revert to a save game from before the menu got corrupted by a bad uninstall or start a new game.

Finally you will want to disable papyrus logging by removing the above Papyrus section from your ini file or deleting it if you created a new one for this task. Continuously running papyrus debugging can lead to your game being unstable and is not intended for normal game use.

Have a question that wasn't answered here? PM DAmanding or post it in the comments!

Author Section:
If you're the author of a mod which adds things to the build menu with a script it is pretty much a given that you've seen at least one bug report like this:
I tried your mod and now my menus are gone! You broke my game! HELP!

-- every user who forgot to run your uninstaller
Ok, maybe they didn't yell, but you get the idea. Sooner or later someone will either not read the instructions or simply forget to follow them. At this point they have two options:

  • Reinstall your mod, run the uninstaller, and then disable it again.
  • Install one of the menu fixer mods floating around and restart the game a few times.

Kind of a pain, right?

SMM makes the uninstall happen automagically. When you register your menus with SMM it remembers the plugin that added each menu. If it ever notices that the plugin was removed (that is to say the mod was uninstalled) it will remove them.

How to add SMM support to your mod:

  • Create a quest and check "Start Game Enabled"
  • Attach SettlementMenuManager:MenuInstaller.psc to it.
  • Set the PluginName, ModName, and Author properties on the script.
  • Add a struct for each menu you want SMM to add to the game. The ModMenu value in each struct needs to be either a keyword or a formlist. TargetMenu is where SMM will put your menu.

Alternatively you can simply copy the quest from SMM_Example_Plugin.esp and change properties as in steps 3 and 4 above.

Once you have done that you will want to add the following (or something like it) to your mod description:
This mod uses Settlement Menu Manager to add custom settlement menu categories. This means that you don't need to worry about running a special holotape/chem before you uninstall it: just remove it from your load order and you're done.
In addition to a notice, it would probably be a good idea for you to add SMM as a requirement on your mod page.

For mod authors needing more hands on help adding SMM to their mod we now have a tutorial in the Files tab made by Whisper/Bionicyardiff which covers making menus in general and adding SMM specifically.

Author FAQ:
Q: Can't I just include your code in my mod and not depend on my users installing SMM?
A: No! The whole point is having a separate, always installed bit of code that does everything. If each mod tried to do that they'd end up stomping all over one another.

Q: How many menus can my mod add using SMM?
A: As many as you want; however, there is a global limit of 1024 custom menu categories. I can increase this if necessary, but I can't imagine a situation where you'd need more.

Mods using SMM:
There are a LOT more mods using SMM. Check the Requirements drop down "Mods requiring this file" section for even more. Are you using it too? Send me a PM or drop a comment to let me know!
Like most of my mods, the full source of SMM is available on GitHub.

Special thanks to kinggath who was nice enough to make a logo for SMM.
Additionally, without timtimman I might never have came up with the workaround code for enabling more than 128 submenus in each menu.
Special thanks to Whisper (bionicyardiff) for writing the tutorial, researching how to break and repair the Creation Club menu as well as providing the new scripting for the 0.1.5 update's Creation Club menu repair.
DAmanding is not the creator of this mod, I am strictly here to provide support in Cadpnq's absence.