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Place/build objects in settlements everywhere you want, change objects whatever you like. No more RED!

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If your Fallout4 game version is beta or one of previous release version (not latest) - look for right plugin version in Files section.

Описание на русском ищите в разделе Статьи (Articles).

This F4SE plugin allows building and placing objects in workshop mode everywhere (see note below) you want. Inside other objects, in water, even at air. Also makes almost all scrap-only objects (yellow) selectable/movable. Also you can move objects out of green zone and leave them there, while I do not recommend do this - if you think your settlement borders are too tight, just use border expanding mods like Build High (be careful though, as that mod conflicts with scrap mods and can cause reset bug).

Allowing building in water has a side effect - all objects which requires water to be placed in, now can be build/placed everywhere also.
Put water-purifiers everywhere!

You can move workshop workbenches, power armors and pretty much many other, previously unmovable objects (by default this mode is off - press INS to enable). Be careful, though, save before moving/deleting such objects!

Build restrictions (only in dirt, out of green zone) still there. The only problem is that objects with such restrictions (and all if outside workshop) will still be highlighted as able to build, but in fact they are not. You just have to remember - no building outside of green zone and if object says it has to be build in dirt, then so be it. You can build such objects in valid place first, then move them anywhere your like.

You can toggle on/off out-of-workshop-zone timeout, so you can move built objects from your settlement as far as you like. Though, I'm not sure if placing settlement objects outside of settlement will not cause any issues, so do it on your own risk

You can precise rotate objects by X, Y and Z axis via mouse buttons (default) or mouse wheel (see config option). Tapping ctrl key changes rotation axis. Numpad + and - changes rotation angle step.
You can precise move objects by X, Y and Z axis via numpad keys. 2,8 - up and down, 4,6 - left and right, 7,9 - to and from player. Numpad / and * changes movement step.
You can change scale of objects via numpad keys. 1 - scale down, 3 - scale up, . (dot) - reset scale to 100%. PgUp and PgDown changes scale step.

You can make movable objects like armor, weapons, junk, e.t.c static (kannot be kicked and don't fall) and back. Default hotkeys - 'Home' turn object physics on (make it movable/droppable if possible), 'End' turn object physics off (make it static if possible) - doesn't work until fixed.

For scaling, precise rotation and movement work, make sure object you want to move/rotate is just highlighted (outlined), NOT selected (floating in front of player).
For ANY numpad actions to work - check if NumLock is ON.

Last 10 actions (precise movement/rotation/scaling) can be undone with Backspace key (default).

You can save some object's parameters (position, rotation angles and scale) with '=' key and set all or some of this info to other objects. 1,2,3 - set X,Y,Z position, 4,5,6 - set X,Y,Z rotation angles, 7 - set scale, 0 - set all parameters.

All hotkeyed actions shows notification when activated.
ALL hotkeys and notification messages can be changed in config file (Data\F4SE\Plugins\place.ini)
If you don't have place.ini yet, rename place_example.ini to place.ini
Information about what any option do can be found in place_ini_help.txt

If you don't want any additional  features, except 'no-red' functionality - you can install one of predefined config files (see Misc section if Files).

Look at changelog for latest changes.

Be sure to visit image gallery - you'll see what can be done with this mod. No limits for your imagination!

Check a brief spotlight made by YTAtlasGaming

Also a good video with install instructions by ZAYNORI

And another simple one by pixelgamerch

Fallout 4 Weekly Mods show #14 by Tyrannicon

1. Find out your Fallout4 version: start game, main menu->settings->lower-right corner
2. Make sure you have F4SE, suitable for your game version.
3. Install plugin for your game version with NMM (or other mod manager) OR extract contents of archive into Fallout4 game dir.
4. Check that place.dll is located at Data\F4SE\Plugins in Fallout4 game directory.
5. Run game with f4se_loader.exe

There is configuration file place.ini (if there is no such file - rename place_example.ini to place.ini) in Data\F4SE\Plugins, where you can configure 'place everywhere' mode by default and hotkeys:
1. mode by default can be set to - always enabled (no toggle hotkey and console command); toggle enabled, on by default (hotkey and console command enabled); toggle enabled, off by default (hotkey and console command enabled).
2. You can configure hotkey for mode toggle (if enabled), object snapping toggle, ground and surface snapping toggle.
3. You can configure messages shown when hotkeys were used.

Hotkeys by default:
F8 - toggles "Place Everywhere" mode (if you enabled toggle in config)
F1 - toggles object snapping (you have to cancel current object if you have any selected, for this to work)
F2 - toggle ground and surface snapping
F3 - toggle workshop grid snapping
F5 - toggle out-of-workshop timeout
F6 - toggle storing clamped objects in workshop storage, when underlying object is scrapped or stored in workshop storage
F7 - lock/unlock hightlighted object selection. While selection locked, no other object will be hightlighted, when your move your aim on it.
INS - toggle extra objects selection.
F11 - change timescale to 0.01 (can be changed in config) while in buld mode
ALT - set object movement relative to player (by default) or global world axis

Numpad 0 - reset rotation angles X and Y to 0
Numpad 5 - remove 'tremor' effect
Numpad 2 - move outlined object down
Numpad 8 - move outlined object up
Numpad 4 - move outlined object left
Numpad 6 - move outlined object right
Numpad 7 - move outlined object to player
Numpad 9 - move outlined object from player
Numpad 1 - scale down oullined object by 10%
Numpad 3 - scale up outlined object by 10%
Numpad dot - reset scale of outlined object to 100%
Numpad minus - decrease rotation angle step
Numpad plus - increase rotation angle step
Numpad divide - decrease movement step
Numpad multiply - increase movement step
PgUp - increase scale step
PgDown - decrease scale step
Ctrl - change rotation axis.
Backspace - undo last precise movement/rotation/scaling action.
'=' - store outlined object position, rotation and scale info
1,2,3 - set X,Y,Z position of stored info to outlined object 
4,5,6 - set X,Y,Z rotation angles of stored info to outlined object 
7 - set scale of stored info to outlined object
0 - set all stored info to outlined object
Home - turn object physics on (make it movable/droppable if possible)
End - turn object physics off (make it static if possible)

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