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A settlement build for Hangman's Alley.

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A blueprint for my large build at Hangman's Alley. I do not recommend this if you have a weak computer, as it is very graphic intense. If you want to try anyway, you can always scrap many of the decorations, it will speed you up a lot.

This settlement uses the entire alley, going all of the way onto the rooftops, and beyond. A number of items will need to be scrapped, especially the beds (some requiring the Scrap Everything mod) and a few others, such as the wires, will need to be removed using the console. Import everything except for the animals. It is heavily defended, and has room for many people. When I set this up, I was using the wireless version of MOAR Turrets, which suddenly stopped working for me thanks to some other mod that seems to have broken that, so they are all wired now.

I also highly recommend turning off the animations before importing, as fun as that is to watch, it can mess with the surrounding in this case.

You can see my poor attempt at a walkthrough for it here. The narration is just terrible, sorry.

The following mods are required.

Do It Yourshelf (aka Dinoshelf) Including the Extra Ammo shelves

CWSS Redux

SLR (Stairs Laders Ramps)


Water Sources Expanded

Fusebox Generator

Better/Improved Shack Bridges

OCD (including the far Harbor Add-On)

More Vault Rooms

Snap'n Build - Unfortunately this has been removed... but here is another download location.

Settlement Objects Expantion Pack (SOE)


Vanilla Extensions

Filled Weapon Displays

Xnjguy Filled Mods All-In-One plus New Mod

Clothing Shelves


Static Basket and Bins

Crafting Fury 9000 GTX

Water Sources Expanded

tumbajamba Advanced Engineering - The semi-required Advanced Engineering workbench can be obtained from almost any of his mods, and is not critical.

CROSS Cybernetics

Manufacturing Extended

MOAR Turrets

The following mods are not required for importing, but are HIGHLY recommended to make everything work correctly.

Power Conduits and Pylons - Increased Radius

Scrap Everything

Settler Sandbox Expansion

Brighter Settlement Lights

Brighter Mirror Ball Light

Brighter Wasteland Workshop Lights

Settlement Attacks Beyond

Build and Scrap Beyond Workshop Boundaries


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