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Just thought, after 200 years, it'd be time for an actual Diamond of the Commonwealth. Instead we got that tiny and pretty ugly joke of a "Great Green Jewel", Diamond City. This is about to change.

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I am by no means a lore expert, nor do I care about "hyper realistic immersion". This is just me letting my imagination run wild, while keeping things reasonably lore-friendly. But more importantly, due to FO4's poor optimization, this is gonna drop your fps to somewhere between 20 - 65fps, depending on where you're looking at. I think the issue might have something to do with cluttering and/or clustering "too many objects", which in return makes the game utilize only 30 - 60% of your GPU (VRAM ?), thus massively dropping the fps.
(My rig for comparison: R5 1600 @3.9GHz, 16GB DDR4 @2400GHz, GTX 1080Ti @5% OC, 1TB EVO 850 SSD) 

Also, this is a work in progress. Soon Goodbye FPS.



I want to make a place that I actually would like to come back to, do stuff at and just feel like a big, living and thriving city. Everywhere you go, it's depressing and abandoned. Unfortunately Diamond City doesn't quite convey that "homeliness". Actually, Boston isn't really inviting at all, and I wanna change that by creating a place where there is hope, joy and pleasure. A place where you can feel at home. A place where you can escape the cold.



Just unpack into your FO4 saves folder. C:\Users\"YourUsername"\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves




All credits go to the great Authors and their respective mods listed above!
(And to me for building this thing. :P )