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I revisited Nordhagen Beach and decided to completely rebuild the settlement. I installed The Clean and Simple Nordhagen Beach startup by jenncave, deleted everything and then set about building a South West style settlement using the fantastic Adobe House Kit by tookiejones.

Permissions and credits
I have always liked the fantastic Adobe House Kit by tookiejones, but it never really fit in to any of the themes I was using, so I downloaded Clean and Simple Nordhagen Beach Startup by jenncave and decided to try and create a South West styl(ish) kind of seside town. I scrapped everything and started with a blank canvas. I also used All Settlements Extended- Players Choice by neeher to give me a little more build space over the water.

What you need to do:

You should have F4SE, HUDFramework, and Transfer Settlements installed.

  1. Download and install Clean and Simple Nordhagen Beach Startup by jenncave  (See Requirements drop down list).
  2. Download and install All Settlements Extended- Players Choice by neeher   (See Requirements drop down list).
  3. Scrap everything using workshop mode and/or the disable command. (You can also use the 'scrapall' command).
  4. Download This file and unzip to C:\ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout4/data/f4se/Plugins/TransferSettlements/blueprints/
  5. (Paste .json file to empty slot)
  6. Download and install required mods (See Requirements drop down list)
  7. Import Blueprint from slot you selected and follow blueprint instructions.

What do you get? (see pictures)

Nordhagen Beach
  • 6 Flats/Apartments (3 apartments per floor).
  • Large Warehouse containing fish farms (Workbench is placed in here).
  • 8 stores/buildings.
  • Large Pier.
  • Beach area.
  • South West style(ish) looking settlement.
All the buildings are empty ready for your creativity, there is still room to add to the build, including beach and adding extra floors to buildings.

Everything can be moved, removed or deleted........ but why would you.

This is a TRANSFER SETTLEMENT BLUEPRINT, so you need to have Transfer Settlements by CDante  installed and working.

Created using Transfer Settlements 1.58

Manual Install Instructions:
Download and unzip to C:\Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout4/data/f4se/Plugins/TransferSettlements/blueprints/ 
(Paste .json file to empty slot)