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Transforms the Noir Penthouse Creation Club into a full workshop building kit with 150+ structural pieces in 5 different textures, 100+ new decor items, new lighting, and built in compatibility with features of popular settlement workshop mods such as Snappy Housekits, Do It Yourshelf, Modular Kitchen, Creative Clutter, CWSS, and Cat Deco.

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Create your own home in any settlement using assets from the Creation Club's Noir Penthouse pack converted to be workshop friendly. The original Creation Club pack originally included workshop buildable furniture, decor, and lights. This mod significantly expands what is workshop buildable to include structural pieces, improved lighting, and a large selection of clean prewar style clutter for your hidden bunker or mansion.  This mod was designed to take advantage of features and items from a variety of popular settlement building mods already available, see the Recommended Mods section for details.

Items previously already buildable with the Creation Club pack are also in the Noir custom injected menu so that you don't have to move between multiple menu areas while building. The wall light in the Noir menu has been altered to reduce light bleeding through the walls. The light radius has also been increased. The large ceiling light has been converted to a workshop useable light with similar lighting improvements as the other lights. The desk lights have had their radius increased. If you wish to use the original lights they are in the Creation Club part of the menu. The lights in Noir are a new record and therefore handled separately from the original. A future update may add additional lighting options. Uninstalling the mod: it is critical that you scrap the lights and radios first in workshop mode before uninstalling the mod. See Registrator2000's Power Grid Tools mod page for an explanation of why this is so important and a tool to repair your save game.

The wall, desk, and ceiling lights all make use of the same script as Stained Glass & Unicorn Farts, while they don't have animated mist and colored patterns the same warnings apply as in that mod. DO NOT ABUSE THE LIGHT SCRIPT, give it a second to execute before you do anything. What do I mean by this? Don't turn lights on and off rapid fire throughout your settlement. Turn it on, wait half a second, then do your thing with it. Place it, give it half a second, then try the new placement if you change your mind. If the light spots are out of sync when you activate the lamp: This can happen when your generators are smashed or switched off and you accidentally activate the lamp. Turn off your generator, activate the lamp ONCE, and turn the generator back on. If you abuse the script by executing it too many times in to short a time (More than once a second) you MAY end up with light spots placed in your settlement that can't be deleted because there is no corresponding workshop item. You've been warned.

Snappy Housekit

This mod is strongly recommended to pair with Noir, particularly for building exterior walls. Noir's structural pieces are one sided "skin" pieces. You'll need to use either vanilla or Snappy Housekit structural pieces for the exterior side of your buildings. At this time the only Snappy Housekit pieces this mod is designed to work with is the Hi-tech kit. I suggest using the thin wall hi-tech pieces in Snappy. There are hi-tech style exterior sides for the windows only since they are not vanilla shaped. Window pieces for additional kits in Snappy may come in the future.

Do It Yourshelf

All shelves have snaps for DIY items. However many of the existing DIY items are too large for some of the shelves in Noir. I've included a few additional DIY items that fit the Noir shelving better. I recommend Place Everywhere to slightly shrink the items in DIY to better fit these shelves.  I may update the mod with additional better fitting DIY clutter in the future.

Modular Kitchen

The kitchen counter has snaps for the fridge, stove, and sinks in Modular Kitchen (MK). Version 1.1 or later of MK is required for changes that allow for snapping those items into the Noir counter. If you chose not to update MK you can use Place Everywhere to add in the appliances. The hole in the counter top for the sink is slightly larger than a vanilla sized sink. There is a trim piece meant to be used with the sinks in both MK and CWSS. Insert the trim piece first and then the sink.  If you decide not to use the MK sinks or stove there are also countertop filler pieces to cover the holes. Unfortunately the texture isn't the best match and there's absolutely nothing that can be done about that without creating entirely new textures from scratch (and new UV maps).


The sinks in CWSS will also snap into the kitchen counter. You will still need the trim piece just as described above for the MK sinks.  In a future update there will also be CWSS compatible shower curtains.

Creative Clutter

There is one workshop bench designed for snapping the mini workbenches in Creative Clutter to (or DIY half shelf clutter will also snap to the workbench).  There are also a few kitchen clutter items that match the prewar aqua colors set (dishes etc) in Creative. Or you can use the full sized but stripped down version of workbenches that came in Noir Penthouse Creation Club pack.

Cat Deco Floors and More

This mod includes carpet pieces designed to use the Cat Deco snaps. Place the starter piece first as indicated, then snap the carpet pieces of your choice to cover the floor. The carpet pieces won't snap on a floor piece that has a wall on it already so lay out your carpet first.  Some patterns don't tile seamlessly very well with the odd shaped pieces. Some patterns may need rotating to find the best seamless tiling method.  A couple of rug pieces are not designed to use the Cat Deco snaps.

Stained Glass Workshop Mod: Unicorn Farts and Godrays

This mod uses the same script as Unicorn Farts for the improved lights (thanks MunkySpunk!). Technically speaking there is no built in functionality designed to work with this mod but it's pretty awesome and stained glass should go great in your Noir apartments. Who knows maybe I'll lose my everloving mind get ambitious some day and add some stained glass textures from Unicorn Farts to the Noir lights.

EoW Prewar Books Retexture

EmissaryOfWind allowed me to include her book textures directly in this mod but if you want all of your book clutter from other mods looking better I recommend this mod.  Or you could use Vronykah's abstract design version.

Q: Where are the ceiling pieces?
A: The floor pieces are designed to act as ceiling pieces as well. There are two floor styles with three different ceiling styles (just lift the floor piece up to see the ceiling/underside).

Q: Does this require an uninstall chem?
A: No! Thanks to Settlement Menu Manager you can freely uninstall this mod at any time without breaking your workshop menus.  Settlement Menu Manager is required to use this mod. HOWEVER it is important that you scrap all powered items in workshop mode before uninstalling. This includes the lights and radios. Failure to do so will create power grid corruption that can lead to the scrap crash later on.

Q: Can you make dirty versions of everything? It's all too clean!
A: Postwar textures won't be included in this mod. The lore of the original apartment was a hidden sanctuary and the original texturing is clean. However I do have long term plans to include the clutter in this mod that doesn't require the Noir pack textures into Creative Clutter. At that time I'll include postwar versions for Creative.

Q: Why didn't you make the shelves bigger so all of the DIY clutter fits?
A: Unfortunately in terms of shelf depth we're stuck, any deeper and both the shelf and clutter will poke through whatever wall you have on the other side. In fact don't try to have two shelf wall pieces back to back, there isn't room. To make the shelves tall enough on the 4 shelf wall would result in a terrible looking overcrowded wall.  The DIY book clutter is smaller than normal books and designed to fit in the 4 shelf wall piece.

Q: Can you add feature compatibility for x mod?
A: Maybe, let me know what you're looking for and I'll consider it. 

Q: Will this mod conflict with x mod?
A: It shouldn't conflict with anything, including other Noir Penthouse related mods. In fact there's even another mod that beat me to it in terms of getting published with structural pieces. However I didn't get the idea to do this mod from that one, I started work on this two months before the other mod was published (thanks to the November Black Friday sale for the Noir Penthouse Creation Club pack!)

This mod wouldn't have been possible without the help of several others. Robboten, creator of Snappy Housekit, did all the modeling work on the structural pieces which are a core feature of this mod.  Definitely download and endorse Snappy Housekit as you'll want to use it to supplement the pieces in this kit to build with (for exterior pieces and more).

MunkySpunk taught me nearly everything I now know regarding workshop lighting. He spent many hours with me teaching me and then fixing what I broke. The lights may be a very small part of the mod but they ended up being many many hours of work.

CordlessVII is a wonderful settlement builder and youtuber who has frequently promoted the settlement building mods I've either helped create or have become responsible for after the original author retired. He graciously agreed to work with early (and somewhat buggy) builds of this mod to create a video to demonstrate what a far more talented settlement builder than I can do with the kit. Go check out his other videos too.

Texturing has never been a strong skill of mine so I want to thank the various people that contributed to the texturing in this mod: Vronykah, TerryBeer, FrogprincessQ4, Sarinia, and EmissaryOfWind.

Finally MsRae helped out with some mesh work including making the sink trim, teaching me how to make the working fireplace, and some collision work.

Please drop these folks a thank you, kudos, and definitely download and endorse their mods or videos.