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Wiped Taffington Boathouse and Built this. Bare bones build. No decoration. Wanted to keep the mods and size to a minimum for people. Will add a separate file of a decorated version later.

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Hey Everyone! I did a quick build and figured I'd share it with you guys!

I made it with as few mods as possible so everyone could try it if they want to! I do have plans to decorate it and will add a separate file with it decorated for those that prefer decorated settlements. 

So I'm still learning but I'm going to try and explain this one as best as I can as far as mods used and why they are mandatory. 

Here's the list you will need:

Place Everywhere
Scrap Everything
The Master Plan
All Settlements Extended
Snappy DLC Kits
Snappy HouseKits (You will also need optional file: Snappy DecoKit)
Atoms Greatness
Cabin in the Woods
Transfer Settlements

So you will need The Master Plan to be able to use Atom's Greatness and The Cabin in the Woods. Scrap Everything will help you remove any needed items. Place Everywhere is just mandatory (in my opinion). The snappy mods are the structures themselves. All settlements Extended, pretty sure this is important. If you dont have that one loaded, you'll be missing half the settlement. Neeher is my favorite modder so I tend to use his stuff for all my builds...

Shout out to the mod creators. You guys are the Bees Knees. Special thanks to Neeher for being kind and answering questions about his mods if I have them! Shout out to Ghostrider250 who complimented my castle builds today and made my freaking day on YouTube!

If you want to, come say hi in the Facebook building group! Go HERE: 

Side note: Sorry for my keyboard clicking in the video, I didn't realize the Mic was on. Irritating.