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Added: 03/04/2016 - 09:46PM
Updated: 27/05/2017 - 04:55PM

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Last updated at 16:55, 27 May 2017 Uploaded at 21:46, 3 Apr 2016

Easy, Cozy, Snazzy, Snappy houses!

Full frames to snap it all together in a jiffy. Or do it all by yourself with pieces. Bethesda's own kits pieced together with snap points for your comfort and for your settlers. Numerous vanilla/custom pieces with snap points, some fixed (like whole roofs) and some original/vanilla. All navmeshed! From big and smaller house frames to walls, windows, roofs and floors. 

Introducing another update - 5.0
More and more and more... lol... Soon all kits from the game are at ur command! Added some really nice big ones this time. Make huge buildings easy! Make churches, SuperDuperMarts, Factories or Temples. See change log below for full content! No installer this time. All in one zip and in BA2 files for easier manual install or install by NMM. 

If u find any problems let me know!

Thanks to popay55 for extensive testing and feedback!


Another great build! This time by CordlessVII He makes a church and a graveyard with Snappy and other mods. Watch his other vids for more builds with Snappy! :)

Here is his Sanctuary Rebuild with Snappy Housekit as a main kit, very cool and useful building tips in there!


Behold the magic Castle! The building skills are magic anyway! Amazing work! Snappy DecoKit Main A with Stone theme and other pieces from Ethreons nice mods (see end credits). Ghostrider also made this blueprint 


Watch Petards Communist Alley with parts from Snappy (and others):


Small and not so fancy build tutorial by me. Just to show some basics.


Please post pictures/videos of your builds! I am curious to se what you do with the mod!
And press that Endorse button on top! ;)

Snappy HouseKit v5.0 - See change log for notes
I hope you will enjoy this release. And please ask questions or make suggestions on the forum. 

Tips, Tricks & Fixes
If u are missing themes or so from Snappy Menu go to the SnappyOS (terminal or pipboy) and chose ReInit.

You need to uninstall the mod ingame BEFORE removing via NMM or MMO in either of this ways:
  • by uninstalling from pip-boy (SnappyOS)
  • by crafting a uninstall chem (at chem workstation) and use it (not needed if you upgrade). 
If you don't you will probably lose buildings menu. When upgrading/installing no menus will disappear. If they do, something else is wrong. 

Didn't read the above until after? There is still hope
Download and run this mod, it will restore all your categories, some you might not even know where missing from the DLC! 
Universal missing menus fixer

How to run UMMF successfully:


If you are having trouble placing objects (or moving them after placing) Use Place Everywhere by 

New additions and patches. 

  • Scrap recipes for some settlements that uses HouseK/Deco-parts (Croup, Taffington and some more) so u can rebuild/repair those without any other mod involved. Tell me if I missed anything.
  • takatoriyama made a patch for Valdacil's Item Sorting and Snappy 5.0 and is included in takatoriyama's Radrose Usability Enhancements mod. Thanks for that!

Being actively developed...
  • Hitech Kit
  • DLC contents (soon done with those)

Thank you to my friends