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OAAB_Data is a free-to-use asset repository for the Morrowind Community.

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by the OAAB_Data Team

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OAAB_Data is an asset repository for the Morrowind Community. It contains resources which can be used by other mods. For players, this does nothing by itself. But when you use mods which depend on this archive, players can expect their game to benefit from shared assets (generic quest items working between mods, no duplicate items in inventories, possible shorter load times with less duplicate assets needing to load).

This project originated from Melchior Dahrk's Of Ash and Blight project to overhaul Vvardenfell. Since its origins as a solo project, OAAB_Data now has multiple members with a common vision to bring new resources which fit a vanilla+ aesthetic to the game. We have worked to expand the available resources to create a cohesive game experience for players through the mods which use this repository. If you've used OAAB_Data previously, version 2.0 is a huge update. Adding multiple tile sets and tons of new items.

How is this different from Tamriel_Data?
While Tamriel_Data (T_D) has a much broader scope of including resources for all the provinces of Tamriel, OAAB_Data has a narrower focus on providing assets for mods built around Vvardenfell, primarily. So this repository doesn't have a lot of the continent-spanning assets that T_D does.

What is a Vanilla+ Aesthetic?
We strive to adhere to quality guidelines which allow the assets in this archive to blend into both a vanilla and graphically modded game. The models are not incredibly smoothed, but they are more detailed than vanilla. The textures are not 4K HD, but they are typically ~2x higher than vanilla to increase the level of detail. We also try to use vanilla textures wherever possible so that new models we add will automatically be compatible with your texture replacers. For a player, hopefully this means that the new assets in OAAB_Data will blend into your game regardless of how your installation is set up.

What is OAAB?
OAAB stands for "Of Ash and Blight" and was a project started by Melchior Dahrk to expand TES3:Morrowind. The project is operated under a few guidelines:

  • Take inspiration from the original Concept Art and early developer texts about the game
  • Make additions to the project fit into the game by researching texts and dialogue on various topics so that they can truly expand on what is already there if you look hard enough
  • Make Vvardenfell a more dangerous place (particularly in relation to blight, ash, disease)
  • Expand on the Dunmer culture, economy, and lore in a way respectful to the original game (including its inconsistencies)

OAAB continues to be developed alongside OAAB_Data. Expect to see more OAAB-branded mods in the future.

Expand the Requirements section above to see all the cool mods which depend on OAAB_Data and hook into its resources!


Morrowind Optimization Patch - The author of MOP is on the OAAB_Data team and multiple fixes in MOP synergize with new assets in OAAB_Data and usage of vanilla assets by OAAB mods. You should be using this anyway!

Seph's NPC Soul Trapping - Sephumbra's mod gives the black soul gems in OAAB_Data actual functionality! We highly recommend using this mod so that if you find a black soul gem in an OAAB-dependent mod, it will now actually have the functionality you expect!

OAAB Full Upscale - If the optional HD textures download on this page isn't high enough resolution for you, and/or you want normal maps for OAAB_Data textures, then I recommend checking this out.

OAAB_Data now has a Nexus tag! Make sure to tag your mods #oaab_data!

The OAAB_Data repository is free to use in TES3:Morrowind. However, it is recommended that you make your mods dependent on the ESM rather than extracting resources for your individual mods. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Using common items (e.g. food, ingredients, miscellaneous, etc) rather than making your own copies ensures that your mods will be automatically compatible with any mods which use OAAB items: for example, players won't have multiple versions of "guar meat" in their inventories. And OAAB-dependent quests mods which require "guar meat" can use items you place in your mod.
  • Reduces file size of the dependent mods
  • You don't have to update your mod when an asset gets an update in OAAB_Data.
  • Shorter load times for players with less assets to load.
  • Using containers with OAAB leveled lists means that your mod will automatically be updated as we add more items.

Developer ESM
Modders are recommended to use the "Developer ESM" while working on their mods. This version of the ESM has had deprecated IDs removed from it to streamline the development process. If you are working on an existing project, it is highly recommended that you run the OAAB-Updater tool on your plugin first to replace any deprecated objects you might be using (otherwise they will be deleted if you load your file with the Dev ESM). Both of these are available in the Developer Tool download on this mod page.

Palette Cells
OAAB_Cells.esp includes “palette cells” for modders. These cells are intended to show groups of similar objects which can be copied into your work cells to improve workflow and they sometimes showcase the assets being used in context. You will also find “info box” markers which provide additional clarification on more complex assets. OAAB_Cells is available in the Developer Tools download on this mod page.

If you are interested in contributing, DM this account. This project is intended to be for the community and we're excited to see it grow!

OAAB_Data is primarily designed to work with the vanilla engine + MGE XE. But we've done our best to keep it as compatible with OpenMW as possible. Most MWSE functionality is optional and not critical for this archive to function properly.

Known issues:
  • OpenMW does not support one-way collision which is used by a few meshes in OAAB_Data (e.g. one-way faux walls). You may need to toggle collision to get past these meshes.