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A complete rebuilt of Bloodmoon barrows.

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The Stone Halls of Solstheim has been my passion project since the 2018 Modathon, when it first made its debut, and although it was never really updated, it faced numerous challenges along the way to continue it; broken meshes, corrupted files, a fried computer, etc. However, with the pandemic, and a renewed interest in Morrowind, SHS has returned, reforged from the ground up, using the best assets the community has to offer, from Tamriel Rebuild down to OAAB. SHS will first rebuilt all of the Bloodmoon barrows, and then attempt to rebuilt some of the other lackluster interiors found in Bloodmoon (I'm looking at you Gloomy Caveyou're next!)

- Highly-detailed barrows that break away from the flat-planed attempts by Bethesda.
- New mushrooms inspired from Skyrim (Graphic Herbalism switch nodes already integrated/recognized by Ashfall).
- Environmental storytelling (making use of Tooltips Complete, fragments of runic stone, inscribed walls and tablets are now readable, further increasing the immersion for what is otherwise dry, lifeless barrows that felt discontented from the surrounding landscape).
- New weapons and loot pulled from Skyrim: Home of the Nords.
- A new Bloodskal blade model by PikachunoTM.
- Immersive lighting (thanks to MelchiorDahrk, lights no longer remain static, but react to the time of daybring a torch!)
- A secondary version dubbed "Mortified" adjusts the stats in SHS to be more aligned with Mort's Bloodmoon Rebalance

Barrow list:
Bloodskal Barrow — COMPLETE
Connorflenge Barrow — next release
Eddard Barrow — 0%
Frosselmane Barrow — next release
Glenschul's Tomb — 0%
Gyldenhul Barrow — 0%
Himmelhost Barrow — 0%  
Hrothmund's Barrow — 50%
Jolgeirr Barrow — next release
Kelsedolk Barrow — 0%
Kolbjorn Barrow — 50%                              
Lukesturm Barrow — 0%       
Skogsdrake Barrow — 0%
Stormpfund Barrow — 0%
Tombs of Skaalara — 0%
Valbrandr Barrow — 0%

Tamriel Data

Recommended Mods:
Bloodmoon Rebalance (for a less painful experience)
Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince (theoretically compatible, SHS only touches interiors)

OpenMW Users:
Although SHS makes use of Tooltips, this doesn't make it a hard requirement; simply ignore the folder during installation. All you'll be missing out on is the additional lore scattered about in the barrow. SHS uses basics scripts pulled from vanilla Morrowind, so theoretically this should work, but I can't give you a full guarantee. I tried keeping things simple for both sides of the MW community. As far as the new mushrooms, I'm not sure what tweaks need to be made to make them function with OpenMW, but if anyone's willing to do so, I'll gladly upload them as an optional file.

Assets used in this mod belong to their respective mod authors. If you wish to use them, consult the links provided. Be courteous and don't upload this mod anywhere outside of Nexus or upload alterations of said mod, unless in the case of uploading a translation. If a patch is required, drop a comment and I'll make it happen. 

This project wouldn't be possible without the help of the Morrowind community, who's tireless efforts continue to push this decades-old game to new heights. If I forgotten your name, please let me know. I've been working on this so long, rebuilt it from scratch several times, that I'm bound to have forgotten someone, somewhere.

Tamriel Rebuild: SHOTN Assets
Lougian: Caverns Overhaul assets
Reizeron: Dragon Priest, barrow vines, ice-encrusted skeleton, barrow assets
gr1911: Draugr assets (Draugr Diversity)
Remiros: Nordic Chest Replacer, Draugr container
Rubberman: Barrows Staircase (without this crucial piece, this mod would never have really kicked off; thank you, you ol' dirty bastard).
Antares: Draugr Lord, chasm asset
Melchior Darhk/OAAB team: webs, light rays, pebbles, updated dust particles
Wolli: barrow terrain rocks
LondonRook: Skyrim-styled ushrooms
Scripts/MWSE assistance: MW script library, Pika, Anumaril, Merlord, Nullcascade