About this mod

This mod is an overhaul of Vos and Tel Vos, the land surrounding them, the two nearby egg mines, covering a large portion of the northern Grazelands. Currently, the mod does not cover the entire Grazelands region, but additional work is planned in future updates. The mod includes 16+ new quests with approximately 18,000 words of dialogue.

Permissions and credits

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Currently, OAAB Grazelands focuses on the Tower of Tel Vos and the Village of Vos along with the surrounding area and dungeons; covering a large part of the northern Grazelands region. In addition to being a visual overhaul, this mod adds many new quests, dialogue, and scripted events. This mod was built on months of research into what a logical expansion of Vos would consist of within the context of the original game as well as themes for new quests and dialogue. Many of the new quests focus on Telvanni characters, but there is plenty to do for other players as well.

Future updates will expand the area covered by this mod to the rest of the Grazelands region. The mod also includes a patched version of Remiros' Groundcover mod which fixes a few placement issues (including around campfires) and puts the grass on the new landscape meshes added by this mod.

  • Adds 16 new quests plus 2 mini-quests that are completed without journal entries
  • Supplements 4 vanilla quests by making them impact the game world
  • Over 18,000 words of new dialogue
  • Complete overhaul of the Tel Vos and Vos settlements and the two nearby egg mines
  • Turns Vos into an actual farming village with wickwheat fields, a marshmerrow farm, and egg miners to work the nearby mine
  • Landscape detailing to the cells surrounding the settlements - covering much of the northern Grazelands region
  • 15 new interior cells between the two settlements. Including a smith in Vos which was mentioned in dialogue.
  • Expansive, brand new cave system underneath Tel Vos to explore
  • Tel Vos Dungeon overhauled to increase consistency with Beram's Journal
  • See Mudan-Mul egg mine transform after you cure the queen
  • Watch Odirniran expand after you eliminate the Hlaalu invaders (House Telvanni)
  • The expansion of Odirniran makes use of a previously inaccessible area of the tower in the base game
  • Take a cut of the ashlander ebony trade profits with a friendly business man (House Hlaalu / House Telvanni)
  • Lots of new hidden areas in Tel Vos. Including Aryon's Vault - loot it if you dare!
  • Discover the PassWall enchantments in Tel Vos to find even more hidden rooms
  • Added windows to the Village of Vos (none before)
  • Improves the vanilla Girith's Stolen Hides with multiple consistency fixes and adding visible effects of the attack on the trader
  • Mudan-Mul and Sinarralit Egg Mines have been redone with a brand new tileset
  • Galos Mathendis now retires to Tel Vos after you become Aryon's Mouth
  • Help Galos find a new Mouth for Aryon; she has a name you might recognize...
  • Become Galos' research assistant as you delve into a mysterious side discipline of enchanting
  • Help the people of Vos with their problems ranging from roots breaking through the walls to bed bandits
  • Help expand Aryon's dwemer museum by discovering ancient dwemer ruins
  • Meet a talking dwemer centurion head (including voice acted dwemer language)
  • Discover and use an inscrutable dwemer printing device mentioned in dialogue but never seen in the game
  • Learn obscure ashlander lore as you help put an ancient spirit to rest
  • Brave the fiery depths below Tel Vos as you face off against a powerful Flame Monarch in a scripted battle
  • Save or condemn a pathetic trader who got on Mistress Dratha's bad side
  • Help the publican of Varo Tradehouse with his rat problem after renting a bed in the new room
  • Stop a mischievous scamp from stealing anymore enchanted trinkets
  • Acquire "Dragon's Blood potions" mentioned in an unused quest from Aryon but not implemented into the game
  • Adds the unused "Tel Vos Jail Slave Key" to the game so that you can free (or not) the slave in the jail cell
  • Replacer for the Azura's Servant daedric shield which can be found in Tel Vos
  • Tons of other changes to the settlements to improve game consistency, increase detail, fix placement issues, and much more.

Includes a compatibility patch for Remiros' Groundcover which is HIGHLY recommended to be used with this mod. A second patch covers the Remiros' Groundcover and Trackless Grazelands patch by RandomPal. Other grass mods are not directly supported.

If you use Old Vos Tradepost, install the patch included with this mod over the original plugin.

Majority of features in this mod are OpenMW compatible. There are a few known issues:
  • OpenMW does not support one-way collision so the PassWall enchantments may not work as intended. Players will need to disable collision temporarily to get through these.
  • The animation for the Eerie Lantern quest does not work properly in OpenMW - but the quest will complete properly.

This mod is a complete replacement of my Tower of Vos mod. They should not be used together.

This mod now includes my Girith's Guar Hides mod. They should not be used together.

This mod is not currently compatible with Red Vos due to issues with the old patch.

This mod is not currently compatible with Less Generic Nerevarine (LGN edits the criteria for the Zainab Ebony quest in a way which conflicts with this mod).

This mod is currently not compatible with Pegas Horse Ranch (which makes extensive landscape changes near Tel Vos). No patch is planned for now.

Due to the extensive changes in this mod, it may be incompatible with other mods which alter the area.