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Overhauls each of Mehrunes Dagon's shrine with assets from OAAB and The Doors of Oblivion

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I absolutely
love most of the Daedric Princes. Morrowind's Daedric Ruins are a great and fun idea, but I'm sure you've noticed that there's no personality in any of the shrines. The only difference between the shrines is what statue happens to be in them. Seriously, without the Prince's statue, there'd be know way to tell which shrine belonged to which Prince. 

Well, not anymore!

This mod series uses assets from OAAB, Tamriel Rebuilt, and The Doors of Oblivion to make each shrine unique and reflect their Prince. Now you'll be able to tell who's shrine it is within moments of entering! You do not need Tamriel Rebuilt data for this shrine, but you'll need it for all the others.

This mod focuses on Mehrunes Dagon. Each and every one of his Vvardenfell shrines has been overhauled. There is also plenty of loot containers from The Doors of Oblivion to plunder, meaning you can get some items without going into Oblivion itself. Of course, not all of the loot is in Vvardenfell; mostly just the generic stuff.

This mod REQUIRES The Doors of Oblivion. Load this mod after that one.

Compatible with Mines & Caverns, Morrowind Rebirth, and Severa Magia DB Fix.