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Along the path between Ald-Ruhn and Ghostgate is a place of rest for those walking their pilgrimage, owned and operated by House Redoran as a gift to the people.

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On the road between Ald-Ruhn and Ghostgate lies the Beacon of St Rilms, patron of pilgrims and travellers. In her name House Redoran have maintained this half way point as a sign of their faith, and as a generosity toward all those Temple faithful. Atop is a guiding light always burning to draw lost travellers struggling against the ash to safety. There is beds for rent, food and drink for sale, a small library of Temple approved literature, places to sit, shelter from the ash, and a shrine for deeper contemplation of the mysteries of The Three.

Some would accuse the Redoran of fortifying a strategic position, the beacon being a vanity project to declare the Ashlands as their territory. Though it flies the banners of the Saint it is not missed that the largest banner is that of the House mounted on the tallest point for all to see.

In recent days it has seen less of the faithful as the Blight grows worse, but they make do serving the conveniently nearby Sudanit ebony mine and assisting any soldiers passing through to reinforce the garrison at Ghostgate.

Whenever I needed to go to Ghostgate my route was to go up the foyada north from Balmora, or to climb the mountains eastward from Caldera. I found out recently that the fastest and shortest route by a significant margin is across a mountain pass south-east of Ald-Ruhn. In the same style as my Erabenimsun and Eye of the Needle mod I've stuck a really obvious landmark to guide me. Also acts as a decent stopping point using Ashfall.


Only touches Ashlands 0,5.
Vurts Ashland Overhaul adds some blighted trees aggressively close to the Beacon, but should work otherwise.
Mountainous Red Mountain and MRM Non-Pointy there is a modified version that should be compatible. Built and tested with non pointy, but should work for both.


OAAB Data for the incense, and some flags.

Assets included
A single sitting animation from Animated Morrowind by Abot/Randompal/many others.
Tamriel Rebuilt Data for the Redoran tower piece and the burning pyre for the beacon. Was previously a requirement, assets now included.
Greatness7 for the flipped TR tower mesh, now it faces outwards into the Ashlands!