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Deep in the wastes of the Molag Amur, a weary traveler or intrepid adventurer might stumble upon a cave and seek shelter. Who knows what they might find within? What secrets has the burning earth kept over the years? Once, the world ended - and then, the world began. What scars might still linger from the death of everything?

Permissions and credits
What is this mod?
From Wind Into Stone tells a story about a place long forgotten, and tries to provide a window into events which I think aren't portrayed too expansively elsewhere. I made it to explore a question, keeping myself as closely in-line with firmer lore as I could, while still taking advantage of gray areas and hints - points that aren't quite so iron-clad and invite imagination.

The result is lore-friendly (...ish) but I made it for myself, and it has very much grown out of my own thoughts on the matter. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I still invite you to to try it.

What does this mod do?
This mod adds a dungeon that's really more of a walking-sim once you get past the front door. The entrance can be found in the Foyada Ashur-Dan, i.e. the place the devs themselves forgot.

It also adds a number of custom assets - many modified from vanilla and OAAB, and many made from scratch by yours truly. A (slightly) more detailed breakdown can be found in the readme.

If you are using a mod-manager, simply download and let it take care of the rest. If you cannot or will not use a mod manager, copy the contents of this archive into your data files directory.

This mod was made to be compatible by default - unless another mod adds a great deal to [6,4], then you shouldn't have any issues starting this mod.


This mod is not dependent on, but I find works really well with A River of Fire by Damius. I strongly recommend it. Lava is fun.

MelchiorDahrk & the OAAB_Data Team for OAAB_Data.
AliceL93 for Past Life Regressions, which fundamentally inspired this.
Members of the Morrowind Modding Community Discord for their input and assistance.