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A remake of the interior of Rethan Manor..

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The Great House strongolds in MW are fun, but they suck. Big time. Cramped, uninteresting, full of design choices that boggle the mind. And while Telvanni have some good options to pick from, the other Houses are kinda less lucky (not that Redoran deserve anything better...). While this is nowhere near in size and scope, it is an attempt to make Rethan a bit more nice, if not useful.

The interior of the manor was redone completely, with the ground floor being the entry (obviously) and dining areas, the first floor (which in vanilla literally featured only a bit of a corridor!) is now your study, complete with a place where you could conduct more discreet negotiations. It also features the exit to a small balcony overlooking the stronghold's grounds. Top floor houses your personal chamber. A basement was also added featuring a kitchen and some storage. Plus a modest vault for those who complete the construction process.

On the exterior, you will find a new model for the manor, that both better fits the interior and is a bit more unique than the original - a win-win.

Note that currently the mod doesn't feature any features beyond the interior/exterior work. No dialogue, no scripts, no incompatibilities (beyond any other Rethan mods obviously - note the original interior is below my one, so anything adding stuff to it is accessible, you just need to "tcl")

This mod requires both Tamriel Data and OAAB Data!