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Expands the Thongar's tradehouse in Khuul: released as part of the May Modathlon Month

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Released as part of the May Modathlon Month

The dialogue mentions that you can sleep at the Thongar tradehouse, but there's no such functionality in the base game. 
The tradehouse itself is really tiny, despite locals saying that the tradehouse is all there is in Khuul if you want to have a good time or if you're looking for a service in general.

This adds a second floor to the tradehouse, with beds, a proper bar and some animated NPCs.
I didn't add bed rental functionality to avoid conflicts with mods that allow you to rent the hammock like Imporved Inns Expanded and The Publicans, but since I added the global variable on the beds, you will be able to sleep in them if you use one of those mods.

Note: this is already included, in a slightly different way, into Beautiful Cities of Morrowind

Antares and Vidi: animations
Antares: redoran interior model