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Katya Karrel_Ruffin Vangarr

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A new shop outside of Caldera with a wide variety of imported goods (OAAB and TR items). And the mannequins to showcase your new armor!

Permissions and credits
A new shop outside of Caldera with a wide variety of goods imported from all over Tamriel, plus a unique assortment of Imperial armor equipment. They even sell mannequins to showcase your new armor!

- A cozy shop with unique OAAB and TR items for sale;
- Wonderful Battlemage robe, epic golden imperial helmet and armor;
- Portable mannequins that are compatible with OpenMW and vanilla. Once you place them somewhere, they won't move and scare you.

- OAAB_Data
- Tamriel_Data

Recommended and compatible mods:

Tamriel Textures Reloaded (only download textures) + Intelligent Textures or Enhanced Textures
Caldera Priory and the Depths of Blood and Bone
Vanilla-friendly West Gash Tree Replacer
Beautiful Cities of Morrowind 
- Caldera Governors Manor Redone (it has a patch for BCOM)
- Rocky West Gash (only BCOM or Aggressively compatible versions are compatible)
- or Devilish Rocky West Gash

Credits and Thanks:

Ruffin Vangarr for the golden Imperial helmet and Battlemage armor edits and improvements (the armor was originally created by Stav);
- Mannequins for Sale by ManaUser (I removed the ability of mannequins to change poses to prevent them from moving when you change cells, but they're still portable).
- OAAB Data team
- TR Data contributors
- Vidi_Aquam for the animations