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A short (and my first ever) quest for the MMC modjam

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Changes between V1 and V2

V1 is my first flawed attempt at quest scripting, I'm keeping it available as an optional but until I'm more certain with building quests its just an interesting piece of my modding history.

V2 is the landmarks only with a few tweaks and my preferred version. There are no ward keepers, no keepers houses to the north and south, no quest, the pylons now have a faint blue glow, and use the animated glow effect from RR - Ghostgate fortress.

The northmost pylon has failed and collapsed into the sea. With BCOM I found it too close to the Sadrith Mora lighthouse so its now buried. Another failed pylon sits to the west, between Sadrith Mora and Tel Aruhn so now only Sadrith Mora is almost completely ringed in. One is still unaccounted for.


A short quest, check in on the keepers, deliver a letter, and return with the response for a small payment.

Near Sadrith Mora is a series of ancient pillars, rumoured to be a long abandoned prototype of the Ghostfence built by a young Sotha Sil and now adopted by House Telvanni. Though nowhere near as great as the true Ghostfence they at least slow the spread of the blight winds, keeping the Telvanni mainland safe.

They are maintained by two keepers, thankless years spent feeding and maintaining the enchantments with only the occasional letter passed between them as company.

One of the keepers of these ancient warding pylons has stopped reporting in, and though not the greatest priority Neloth would like someone to go make sure nothing has gone wrong.

To start read the note in Faras Hole in the Wall asking for someone to check in on the ward keepers, alternatively you can wander in and offer your help at the south warding house.


Only touches a handful of cells in the Azuras Coast region, near but not within Sadrith Mora. V2 was built with BCOM.


OAAB Data for the pylon and clutter.


Quest and dialogue scripting based on DarkElfGuys "Let's Mod Morrowind Ep2 - Making a Quest Mod" video.
Colt17 for the glowing ghostgate knife pylon effect.


Quest version briefly touches on what could be considered a sensitive topic.