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Adds a fishing mechanic with over 25 species of fish and dynamic fishing animations.

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Over 25 different fish to catch. Different fish can be found in different regions, time of day, and water depth.
Defeat each fish in a battle of wits and stamina - ensure the tension doesn't get too low or too high, and tire the fish out before you run out of fatigue yourself.
Fully animated fishing mechanics, including simulated line tension, player animations, and fish AI. 
Five legendary fish to catch. When harvesting a legendary fish, you will receive a trophy head that you can place on your wall.
Ashfall integration: bushcraft fishing poles, cook and eat the fish you catch.

Skills Module
The Crafting Framework

Recommended Mods
Cook fish meat and craft fishing pole/net
Glowbug thorax can be used as a glowing bait for nighttime fishing 
OAAB Shipwrecks: 
A future update will have a questline from a certain Old Man from this mod

How to play
Find a fishing pole and equip it.
Find some bait or a lure and equip it while the fishing rod is equipped to attach it to the rod.
Valid bait: crab meat, fish meat, or lures purchased from various merchants.
Spinner lures are best at catching small fish, bait at catching medium sizes fish, and baitfish for catching large fish
Shiny lures perform better during the day, glowing lures do better at night
Go up to a body of water and swing the fishing pole.
When you see ripples move towards the lure, attack with the rod the moment it strikes.
If successful, you'll enter the fishing minigame. The goal is to reduce the fish's fatigue to 0 before your fatigue runs out.
Increase tension by holding the attack button, reduce tension by releasing the attack button.
Tension will increase as the fish swims away, and visa versa.
If the tension enters the red zones, the fish will escape.
If the fish's fatigue reaches 0, you'll catch the fish.
Medium and large sized fish can be "equipped" to enter the fileting menu, where you can use a knife to carve it into fish meat.
Small fish can be equipped as live bait to catch larger fish.

Planned Features
A quest by an Old Man to catch each of the five legendary fish
More fish
Different fishing rods
More bait/lure types
Catch random loot

Cast your line:

Wait for a bite:

Wear the fish down:

Catch your fish!