About this mod

Investigate a series of attacks on Tel Eurus, follow the clues to uncover the mastermind behind it. Level 10 or higher recommended.

Permissions and credits

by the Dreamy Dreamers team
Billyfighter, Katya, Markond and Ruffin Vangarr

Features a unique main quest and cast of characters, with multiple new armors, weapons, and items to buy or earn as rewards.
Includes voice acting by Ruffin Vangarr and Johnny Hostile.

Far out in the Sea of Ghosts there is a chain of floating islands of possible Dwemer origin. This has proven to be too tempting an opportunity for Master Eurus of House Telvanni, founding a frontier settlement on one of the largest clusters of these islands.

Tel Eurus was built and grown in cooperation between House Telvanni and a prominent Sloadic trading company, with some generous financiers from House Dres and House Hlaalu. Expensive goods now flow freely through Tel Eurus through Sloadic airship routes; slaves, minerals and crystals mined from the islands, alchemy reagents, necromantic lore, art, Dwemer artifacts, and ebony.

Until recently this operation ran without any major interference. The Sload refused Temple Ordinators passage on their ships to pursue the open and unashamed necromantic practices there, and the Imperials cannot even find them never mind tax them. Now they are suffering a series of attacks from within, Master Eurus eyeing his allies with suspicion, seeking an investigator to find who or what is behind the misfortune that has befallen his domain.

Getting to Tel Eurus:
Head to Tel Branora and travel there by airship. Additional travel option near Sadrith Mora opens up shortly into the quest line.

OAAB Data, version 2.1.0 used in making this mod.

Thank you for your awesome showcase, Darkelfguy!
Tested and functional in both vanilla and OpenMW. Tel Eurus is an exterior within interior cells and therefore has maximum compatibility. Only the airship docks in Tel Branora and teleport pad north of Sadrith Mora have been added to the vanilla game world. No landscape changes were made.
Works with BCOM.

- OAAB Data assets by OAAB Team
- Mistify Mist by Melchior Dahrk
- Sload Airship and original Sload mesh by Ashtaar
- Sload Floater by Melchior Dahrk,
    Saint_Jiub - netch bristles texture source
    Remiros - Intelligent Textures for some texture sources
    Nobiax - jelly & carapace texture source
- Sitting/NPC animations by Vidi Aquam, RX31, and Arcimaestro Antares
- Telvanni rugs by Vegetto
- Original giant mushroom, and other misc. meshes by LondonRook
- Skeleton Race by Mack_Of_Trades69, Mark Jones for modeling original skeleton model
- Cinderwine bottle originally by Qarl/Korana
- Original Telvanni robe mesh by Antares
- Helm by Danke

Meshes made by Billyfighter and Ruffin Vangarr are free to use with credit. Just make sure our work doesn't use a base/textures from other work. May need permission for those before using.