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Meet Ari-Ari, a Winged Twilight who will gladly accompany you on your adventures. Ari-Ari can be found in her house somewhere north of Telasero, the Dunmer Stronghold located to the east of Suran. The mod also features a visual overhaul of Azura’s Shrine using OAAB assets.

Permissions and credits
Meet Ari-Ari, a Winged Twilight who will gladly accompany you on your adventures. Ari-Ari can be found in her house somewhere north of Telasero, the Dunmer Stronghold located to the east of Suran (take a look at the map below). The mod also features a visual overhaul of Azura’s Shrine using OAAB assets.

Ari-Ari is based on Paxon’s scripts/functionality and can do the following:
• Ari will warp behind the player, so it’s hard to lose her.
• She levitates and water walks with the player.
• You can summon her to your location with her flute (you’ll get it after talking to Ari for the first time). In case you lose both Ari-Ari and her flute, you should go and search in the shrine of Azura (go there and ask Shunri, a priestess and healer, for her help with finding the Winged Twilight’s flute).
• You can heal Ari with potions or her favourite treat (Trama Root) via dialogue. She’s not fond of cheap health potions, though.
• She has some location-based commentary, including Tribunal (Mournhold and Clockwork City) and Solstheim.
• Ari-Ari levels with the player, her stats increase as your character's stats increase (plus you can always inspect her stats).
• Ari loves lanterns and shiny stuff, moreover, if you ask her, she can act as a light source herself.
• Ari can be instructed to Wait or Follow by sneaking and activating her.
• She can warp with you when you use Recall, Intervention, or scripted teleports.
• You can swap places with Ari by jumping and activating her, or via dialogue.
• “Durable Mode” can be toggled via dialogue, which will make her invulnerable (plus it increases her carrying capacity, but minimizes the damage she deals).
• Ari will not drink all your health potions because of a “Potion Saver” feature.
• She doesn't have any annoying movement sounds like other Winged Twilights (only noticeable, if you travel with one as a follower). Westly Model got rid of annoying vanilla idle sounds too.

Ari was created as a present for my best friend, and I hope that you’ll enjoy adventuring with her too!

Thank you for the excellent showcase, Darkelfguy!


She has her own tiny house in the ancient ruins in Molag Amur region:

The mod also includes a visual overhaul of Azura’s Shrine:

- Install the required OAAB_Data first. 
- Choose ONE version: Ari with Westly Model (you can see it in the screenshots) or Default Model (she’ll use whatever Winged Twilight model/texture replacer you've got installed (or a vanilla model).
- Use your preferred mod manager to install (recommended), or simply drop the contents of one of the main files into your Data folder and turn the .esp on. If you do it manually and use Default Model version, don't forget to backup your Meshes/r/XWingedTwilight.kf (it's been edited to get rid of the annoying Winged Twilight's movement sounds (only noticeable, if you travel with one as a follower).

It's where you can find Ari-Ari:

Compatibility and recommended mods:
- Ari is inspired by Lyithdonea – The Azurian Isles. It’s a beautiful landmass created by Melchior Dahrk. While this mod is not required for OAAB Winged Twilight to function, it’s recommended (Ari’s background is connected with this land and Azura). Lyithdonea places some NPCs in the Shrine of Azura, but both mods are compatible without a patch.
- Aspect of Azura by Melchior Dahrk is also highly recommended. Totally compatible with the changes made in Azura’s Shrine. 
- Shrine of Azura by Endoran is compatible and highly recommended. 
- Vurt's Ashlands Overhaul is compatible, Ari’s house in Molag Amur doesn't make any landscape edits.
- RR Mod Series - Morrowind Statues Replacer (used in the screenshots) + RR Marble Azura Fix (in case you need it).
- Daedric ruins bump mapped (a retexture of the Daedric ruins used in the screenshots)
- Azuras Splendor is not compatible.
- I also absolutely love Tizzo’s little companions: Paxon, Tetra, Henwen and Kolka! You'll get a great team, if you add them in your game too!
- Vanilla Morrowind compatible! OpenMW compatible!
- The screenshots were taken using my Sunset ReShade.
- HD OAAB_Data by Merch_Lis is also recommended (if you want upscaled textures).
- "Hiram's Rest" is compatible. The dungeon's location doesn't conflict with Ari's house.

Credits and Thanks:
• Tizzo and everyone who helped with Paxon’s code (Greatness 7, Emma, Grumpy, DinkumThinkum, Abot, others). Lot’s of thanks to Tizzo for being such an awesome person and for his help with the scripts and dialogue writing/editing (if there’re any spelling or punctuation mistakes left, it’s all my fault :))
• OAAB_Data Team for the great assets! 
• Westly for the Winged Twilight’s model:
   Head meshes by RheddandRobert, BreastPlate mesh by Plangkye (from her BB DaedricFemaleCuirass), Loincloth mesh by Dereko, PauldronMesh by Hyperion, ArmBandandWristGuard meshes by Mandamus, Main part of the "mask" mesh by Lingarn, BodyMeshes by the BB team at PsychodogStudios, WingedTwilight from BethesdaSoftworks.
• Creature Casting Animation Patch by Stripes
• David Renda for "Tranquility" instrumental soundtrack used for "Moonshadow Crystals". It's free for non-commercial use: 
• MelchiorDahrk for the beautiful Lyithdonea, Ari is a Lyithdonea-inspired character.
• Abot for his supermodded Morrowind and the tutorials that I really enjoy watching. 
• Danae for her Modding Tutorials and very entertaining streams.
• DarkElfGuy for Morrowind Modding Tutorials and great showcases.
• Thanks to OpenMW developers for helping us with some engine-specific issue and, well, for OpenMW itself :D
• All the wonderful modders out there for keeping this legendary game alive!
• Many thanks to my best friend, who hates honey and bugs lmao…

Future plans:
- Add a series of quests for Ari-Ari and some new dungeons.

Notes: The mod has been cleaned with the Enchanted Editor and tes3cmd.

Ari-Ari travelling in Lyithdonea