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An extensive companion and quest mod that hooks onto Morrowinds Main Quest and offers a serious perspective to the world presented. Team up with a complex character with her own faults, hopes, and dreams.

Permissions and credits
NOTE: Arvesa is introduced when beginning the Main Quest. Hasphat will have a new topic attached to his usual dialogue about obtaining the cube.

Thanks to anyone who has been around since this mod was first released and provided feedback or bug reports. I always appreciate it.

Originally I intended for a full end of MQ release, but I quickly realised that a lot happens in the later stages of the MQ and this is also when a lot of the progression with Arvesa hits significant points. Basically, a lot more dialogue is needed than I expected. The other side is that this update ended up involving a lot of reformation of ideas and mechanics, plus considerable reworks of content.

Still, this version is something I am far more satisfied with and I believe it better represents the vision I've had with the mod. It's still a ways to go, but I can't really force myself to be creative all the time. I'm impressed I have managed to get this far, honestly.

This mod is primarily a follower mod and secondly a faction overhaul for the Buoyant Armigers. It's less light hearted or comedic in comparison to Julan and follows more adult themes of finding ones purpose in the world rather than a coming of age story. Since dialogue choices are expanded with full fledged conversations, it's safe to say the mod is not purist friendly. It is lore friendly, however, as I do not inject anything beyond what Morrowind covers itself and any gaps of lore I had to fill in was based on what existing material I could find. Check out the information below for a breakdown of the features.

Contact me on Discord: gainsdoomer

Mod Content


If none of this entices you, here's a slightly spoiler summary of what the mod is at its most basic form.


Compatability & Install

Check out Danae's List Here for mods that can enhance followers in Morrowind. I would avoid using abots Smart Companions, as it has conflicts with this mod.

DetailDevil's Rocky Red Mountain Patch

BCOM patch is available on its own page.

This mod makes landscape edits to Ashlands Regions 7, 5 and 7, 4, as well as renaming them. Load this mod as far down as possible to ensure these changes are kept.

I highly doubt Rebirth is compatible and I don't know the extent of what it would take to do so. No patch is in the works.

If there are some minor issues with other mods, let me know. I can look into a patch.

Mechanics Breakdown



Original thanks to Kateri for her work on Julan and being a large inspiration to go forward with a companion mod for Morrowind. Additional thanks to everyone who has helped in various capacities throughout this mods development.

In compliance with permissions, this mod receives no dp or donations. Not that it would have anyway, but I figured I'd mention it.

If I missed a credit, let me know. I can't find the exact source of some currently.

Original Companion Scripts - Kateri
Further Script References - Tizzo
Elevenlabs - AI Voiceset
Smuggler & Sehren Cells - Siralvek
Mod Banner - A Raven of Many Hats
Daedric Font - Allis
TR Resources - TR Team
Outlander Resources - LondonRook
Sheogorad Rock Assets - Malbogatra
RR Series Assets - Colt & RR Team
Missun Akin Cuirass - Dankedanko
Cuirass & Armor Edits & Dwemer Scrap Armor - Ruffin Vangarr
Arvesa Texture Edits & Heads - Merch_Lis
Various Assets - RandomPal/Vegetto/Melchior Dahrk