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Life feeling overwhelming? Ever wanted to get away from it all and just hang out on a peaceful, cosy island in the Sea of Ghosts with some feathered friends? Yeah, me too.

Permissions and credits
Penguin Island 
by Lucevar

Made for Winter Modjam 2023 - Birds of a Feather/Sea of Ghosts themes

Adds a cosy little island to the Sea of Ghosts (11,30). It's inhabited by Brunhylda Bird-Wit, an old Nord lady who doesn't have much to say, and a friendly colony of penguins. Also Brunhylda's chickens and a few squirrels.

Feel free to make yourself at home in Brunhylda's cottage, she won't mind. 

There is currently no quests or dialogue. 

Made with TD & OAAB. Ashfall compatible. Compatible with OpenMW. 

* TD
* Wolli for his work on Solstheim, Tomb of the Snow Prince which I used as a reference (except I did everything worse)
* Abot (Penguins were taken from Water Life and the scripts removed)
* Cait (for the original penguin model)