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A remake of Hawia egg mine using OAAB assets.

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  • Polish

"Located north of Vivec's Foreign Quarter, Hawia is peaceful egg mine operated by a couple of egg miners. There is no treasure here, other than a large quantity of Kwama Eggs." - uesp

In vanilla Hawia was a small uneventful egg mine. I attempt to make it a little more interesting to explore by completely remaking the interior and adding a few quests and secrets to find. Carved from a natural cavern, Hawia is now an interwoven network of kwama tunnels and erected scaffolding with more than enough eggs to sustain the population of Vivec. The quests are simple and straightforward, some with modest repeatable rewards. If you explore every corner you might also find a complete set of kwama armor.

Compatibility: This mod replaces the entire interior of Hawia so if another mod effects this egg mine, it will be incompatible. Clutter on the exterior of the mine is minimal for compatibility sake. 

Baofu92 for the kwama armor
OAAB for the awesome kwama cave assets
Bethesda for Morrowind and the Construction Set