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A mod that adds the Hlaalu Council Company Bank, a Hlaalu-owned bank from Tamriel Rebuilt, to the Vvardenfell cities of Vivec and Balmora.

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Massive thanks to Randompal for doing the interiors for this mod, which arguably make up about 80% of the work. Enjoy!

This is a fairly simple mod that adds the Hlaalu Council Company Bank from Tamriel Rebuilt to Vvardenfell. If you've played that mod and visited the city of Andothren, you may have already interacted with the bankers at the local Council Manor there. For those unfamiliar, however, the Hlaalu Council Company Bank provides two main services:
  • Allowing its customers to deposit and withdraw funds.
  • Allowing its customers to take out and repay loans.
The Hlaalu Council Company bank only offers this service to House Hlaalu members of Oathman rank or above, so in other words a fairly selective clientele. Obviously, the functionality here is more limited than Texafornian's pretty cool Wealth Beyond Measure mod for example, but overall the experience is more immersive. The Hlaalu Council Company, like the Briricca Banking Company (a pan-provincial bank added to Tamriel by Tamriel Rebuilt and its associate projects), has an in-universe justification for its existence given Hlaalu's financial focus, whereas the other Great Houses wouldn't likely need their own dedicated banking system for various reasons. It may not let its customers accumulate interest, but this in and of itself is more accurate to how an early banking company would function anyways. Overall, the bank in this mod - like in Tamriel Rebuilt - mainly offers flavor, as well as a more lore-friendly alternative for players using gold weight mods. 

As for where you can find the banks added by these mods, there are two that have been added: One in the Hlaalu Treasury in Vivec, and the other in the Hlaalu Council Manor in Balmora. Both interiors have been overhauled to include teller stations and a space for vault storage.


"Can you add a branch to [X location]?"
No. The choice to add two branches for the city of Vivec and Balmora was very deliberate. There isn't really any other place on Vvardenfell that needs a branch, frankly, or where I could justify the work of adding one.

"Can you make a compatibility patch for [X mod]?"
Maybe? Probably not. I reserve the right to make patches for any mod I see fit, and I don't really have time to make a patch for every Vivec or Balmora overhaul that exists out there.

Mod Recommendations

  • Rethinking Vivec: A city overhaul for Vivec that should be compatible with this mod, since it doesn't edit the Hlaalu Treasury cell that this mod edits. Also includes a branch of the Briricca Banking Company, for added utility (its a bank that caters to everyone, even non-hlaalu, as long as they have a good enough reputation).
  • Tamriel Rebuilt: The best mod of all time.
  • Skyrim: Home of the Nords: The best mod of all time.
  • Province: Cyrodiil: The best mod of all time, once the long-awaited Anvil overhaul arrives. The alpha release is still pretty good, though.
  • Beautiful Cities of Morrowind: A radical overhaul of most every settlement in Morrowind by RandomPal. This mod is integrated into RandomPal's mod already, so don't use the two alongside eachother.