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A lighthouse has been added to the North-West of Dagon Fel. Meet Vigunn, the Nord lighthousekeeper.

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Dagon Fel Lighthouse
by MwGek

About the Mod
A nord lighthouse has been added to the north-west of Dagon fel. Now ships from across Morrowind and Skyrim can safely find their way into the Dagon Fel bay. A Nord named Vigunn is the local lighthouse keeper.

• A unique lighthouse exterior and interior;
• Detailed cluttering using OAAB and Tamriel_Data assets;
• A new NPC, Vigunn, with some lines of dialogue.
• Optional .esp with more Nordic interior decorations from ShotN to blend with Nordic Dagon Fel.

Required Mods

Recommended Mods
Logs on Fire
Morrowind Optimalization Patch
Project Atlas

Compatible Mods
Nordic Dagon Fel
Dagon Fel Mill Redux
Spines of Madness*1

Incompatible Mods
Remiros' Groundcover*2

*1 Use patch supplied in the download package. Need to have Spines of Madness installed for meshes & texture to work. Load before Dagon Fel Lighthouse.
*2 Has some grass and mushrooms bleeding through the front door area. There has been shared a BCOM + Dagon Fel lighthouse patch by Remiros in the MMC discord.