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Subtle changes to make the nordic village of Dagon Fel...nordic

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Among the various settlements of Morrowind, Dagon Fel is a bit special because it’s a nord settlement.

Unfortunately, unless you start inspecting things, you can't tell because it looks like any other dunmer fishing village.
For example, every shack has dunmer lanterns, dunmer tapastries and rugs. That's likely because Bethesda just copy pasted some pre-made shacks.

This makes Dagon Fel more nordic, by swapping some of the shacks for nordic/common style buildings, replacing dunmer lanterns and by using assets from the Bloodmoon expansion and from TR_data for interior cluttering.

The “fishing town” theme has been expanded a bit and while I was at it I added some stuff here and there, to make the place look less empty.
When exploring Dagon Fel it should now be much more obvious that nords own the place, and I’m not talking about the lore surrounding Dagon Fel, but about the simple fact that 95+% of the NPCs in Dagon Fel are nords.

This is a simple mod and it’s what I wanted to do for Beautiful Cities of Morrowind. It won’t get merged into BCoM as there’s too many interesting Dagon Fel/Sheogorad mods to choose from so modularity here is preferable.

There's no landscape edits so it should be compatible with pretty much everything, except other Dagon Fel overhauls.

As of version 1.3, there's also an optional "More Nordic" version, that also replaces the shacks and furniture with nordic counterparts from Tamriel_data (SHOTN assets); you can see how that looks in the screenshots.

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