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This is a complete overhaul of the Sheogorad Region.
Gives it a more nordic, mountainous profile.

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Sheogorad: Groves of the North

This mod overhauls the entire Sheogorad Region into a mountainous habitat, combining aspects of both
Vvardenfell and Solstheim.
No longer is the Sheogorad Region a mere continuation of the Azura‘s Coast.
It removes the darkstone textures and most menhirs from the region and replaces it with a blend of Bloodmoon and
Azura‘s Coast Rock textures. It also adds Solstheim flora and some horkers. Sheogorad is now a mountainous rugged wilderness.
This work is largely based on CarrotFerret‘s Winds of Sheogorad and started out as a personal patch between it and
Remiros‘ The Grove of Ben‘Abi, but eventually grew into much more.
Cleaned with tes3cmd

·        Complete Landscape overhaul and a new aesthetic approach to the region
·        Totally revamped Sanctus Shrine
·        A new Shrine of Reconquest, where the Dunmer drove the Nords out of Morrowind
(until they came back to settle Dagon Fel)
·        Three new dungeons (overhauled from Winds of Sheogorad)

Rytelier - Aesthesia Groundcover - grass mod 
Remiros - Remiros' Groundcover

There are .esps included for both,  but I have only handplaced grass on cliffs for Aesthesia.
However, there is a combined .esp that combines Remiros auto gen grass and Ryteliers grass on cliffs.
You will need the models from both mods for this option.
There are also Grass .esps for Vanilla West Gash and Azuras Coast edited for this mod.
If you use a modded Grass.esp, remove all Cell Edits to Sheogorad Region cells in the Enchanted Editor.

Future plans:

Quests, Dialogue, Lore, Books, NPCs,New Creatures, Dungeon Overhauls

vurt - Vurts Solstheim Tree Replacer II  (or any other tree replacer, vanilla trees look worse and are very very bad for your fps)

mortimermcmire - Tribunal Rebalance (so the Goblins wont stomp you)

Rytelier - Aesthesia Groundcover - grass mod (for Groundcover addons)

Weather Chances Adjuster (and add a chance of snow in Sheogorad Region yourself)

Dagon Fel Mages' Guild Just because it fits nicely


Extract the .rar into your DataFiles folder and select the .esp
Addon and Grass mods are in the optional folder
As always, when using grass mods, only select the .esp in MWSE only, not in your MW launcher.

CarrotFerret - Winds of Sheogorad - A Landscape Overhaul For his mod, which is the basis ofthis overhaul
Remiros  - The Grove of Ben'Abi For his mod, of which you can stillsee some placements in this, as well as the small parasol mushrooms
Kanalhuhn - Telvanni Bump Maps For the parasol meshes
MacKom  - Ancient Nordicarmor (modders resource) For the Ancient Nord Helmet on thereconquest shrine

  - for the mountain meshes
TheDrunkenMudcrab, Greatness7, MementoMoritius, MelchiorDahrk  - Legend ofChemua For the Ice menhirs and mushroomtrees

Asylum & Teli - Junk  For the Junk ressources

HedgeHog12 - HQ Weapons For the Stone Axe

mikeandike - For Epic Dagon Fel

Kursan- For Dagon Fel Mill (Special thanks to "Phaedrus" for his wonderful Waterwheel!I used a tub from "Dazz_Hero's" Balmora Bath house.Thanks to Darkelf for a large chunk of interior work.)

RandomPal - For his Epic Dagon Fel and Dagon Fel Mill patch

CrossProjectCoordination - Tamriel_Data for the Broken Meshes and Water Meshes

RagoxMore Detailed Places - Dagon Fel - some placements and a water bucket

Remind me if I forgot someone


VK for countless design questions and being the best
ProfArmitage for scripting questions and ressource questions
Darkelfguy for grass generation questions, the modathon and his work for our community
Every modder and player out there keeping this community alive