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The disused catacombs under Balmora make a fine spot for a flea market. Food, drink, jewellery, home goods, tailoring, all available and guaranteed watched over by the sacred dead.

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Theme: Flea Market/Wild Goose Chase


The Balmora catacombs were once the vanity project of a particularly pious noble family, one who fell on hard times. Now the Temple rents out the location to House Hlaalu, and a handful of merchants make use of the space with the understanding that the sacred dead are not to be disturbed. To ensure a degree of security for the sacred dead a gravetender has been left as custodian, patrolling and singing hymns.

The various merchants sell a variety of OAAB goods, mainly for decoration purposes; jewellery, gemstones, glassware, silverware, hoods and clothing, various home miscellanea, food and drink, all available.

There is a small starter home for rent, check the notice board for more information.

A previous merchant, now having left under dire circumstances, lost a potently enchanted ring somewhere within the market. Enjoy the wild goose chase, it is well hidden but I did put in two very sparse hints to where it is.


TR Data

BCOM or Nwahs and Mushrooms Balmora or Izis Balmora
For the BCOM version.


Greymarch Dawn/Melchior for the Hlaalu mezanine mesh for the grave pit
Welcome Home By Stormless, which I dismantled to figure out how the player home buying scripts and dialogue worked.