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Overhaul of the corprusarium, making it the creepy place it was meant to be.

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The Corprusarium experience


I. Requirements
II. Description
III. Compatibility
IV. Installation and Removal
V. Credits and permissions
VI. Suggested mods

I. Requirements:

- Morrowind
- Tribunal
- Bloodmoon
- OAAB data
- Tamriel data

II. Description

Overhaul of the corprusarium, making it the creepy place it was meant to be.

This is an overhaul of the corprusarium. The idea is that the place should be:

-    Creepier/more atmospheric
-    More challenging

We re-used some ideas and assets from the beta release of Den of Despair but started from scratch so it’s not exactly a revamp of another mod.
We also incorporated the fixes of Divayth Fyr Puzzle fixed, in the sense that now you’ll be forced to solve Divayth’s puzzle.
There’s no fancy scripting or complex puzzle mechanics, as in the vanilla game it’s just about finding the chests in a specific order.
But now instead of being dumped on the ground, the chests are hidden (though not to the point of being frustrating to find, don’t worry).

The Corprusarium experience main version includes the following folder:

        00 - Core Files
            Contains all the required meshes and textures.   

        01 - Optional No Animation
            Contains an optional version without animated tentacles and eyes, for the purist of the genre.
III. Compatibility

This should be compatible with anything that doesn't directly change The Coprusarium interior or Divayth Fyr Puzzle.

It is compatible with Gavrilo's Plunder the Dungeon, Doors of Oblivion, and Uvirith's Legacy. Make sure this mod is loaded after the above-mentioned ones.

IV. Installation and Removal

Manager: Mod Organizer 2 or Wrye Mash is highly recommended for easy installation, activation, and removal.

Manual: Extract contents of "00 - Core Files" folder to your Morrowind Data Files directory, overwrite if needed, then extract the contents of any desired patch folders, let those overwrite, and finally enable any desired plugins in the Morrowind Launcher. To remove this mod, simply deactivate its plugins.

V. Credits

The Balmora Bandits beta mod Den of Despair ( is THE reason this mod is here, so credits go to:

Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Thanks to billyfighter for testing the mod. 
Thanks to grumbling vomit for the FOmod Bain installer.

VI. Suggested mods

We  suggest the use of this mod together with ours for a full, horrific experience:

True Lights and Darkness - Necro Edit For a horrific lightning experience.

Rotat's Corprus Natives Replacer For the purist.