About this mod

Explore a realm in conflict between undead void pirates and a group of alchemists with members from all over Tamriel. Join one of them or find an alternate path to end the stalemate. Includes new weapons and items to earn as rewards.

Permissions and credits
Lord of Rebirth
by the Twinkling Twilights team


Explore the Luminous Vale, a daedric realm full of mysterious lights, new creatures, and new interesting items to find. Meet a group of alchemists from all over Tamriel, led by Octaen Stomire, who are working on a secret project which they hope will change the face of Tamriel forever. But they have the void pirates as a thorn in their side, dead set on destroying them, or so it seems.

Starting the mod:

From Ald Velothi, go south and east along the path from Ald Velothi to find a Battlemage in trouble. Check out the screenshots for the map. Recommended starting level is 10.

OAAB Data, version 2.2.2 used in making this mod.


If not using a mod manager, place files directly into Data Files.

Before deleting the entire folders when uninstalling, make sure no other mods
use the "TT" folders for assets.

If you're using OpenMW, there is an OpenMW icon folder, use these to overwrite
the original icons for a higher quality icon pack.

If you're using Zesterer's shaders for OpenMW make sure your clouds shader has interior mist set to 0. Otherwise you won't see the new sky.
It should be set like this:

Known Issues:

Please report any issues on the Nexus!


Voice actors:
Glyph as Cidrith Koraine

Jens Vandenheede as Celent Loromax

Max Lefferts as Menistes Polusus

Ruffin Vangarr as Octaen Stomire

Stewart Moyer as Grissom Sharr

Thea Solone as Lecella Silon

All of AnrohaNexus's, Billyfighter's, and Ruffin Vangarr's meshes are free to use with credit given.

Red maple coal trees
Palace tile sets
Palace chests (based on design by Katya)
Palace bookshelf
Golem mask
Blue obsidian weapons
Bloodtear dagger

Void and poison crystals
New MV rocks
Ghost tree (based on design by Katya)
Giant shells (based on design by Katya)
Light device/orb (based on design by Katya)
Metal lights (based on design by Katya)
Void berry plants (based on design by Katya)
Firesprout plants (based on design by Katya)
Palace urns (based on design by Katya)
Galleon edits
Dremora sublord castle interior/exterior (based on design by Katya)
Purple mystical tree
Massive ghost tree and roots
Pirate docks/lights
Ingredients: firespourt leaf, red bark, red sap, void berries, void leaf
Animated cauldron
New alchemy equipment set

Skydome texture, concept arts

Cidrith's robe
Battlemage's helmet and armor edits/improvements (the armor was originally created by Stav)
Goo tank
Scorpion mech
New Spriggan
Blood Atronach
Captains coat
Alchemist robes
Unique faces and hairstyles

Torns sails by Korana.

Leaf vines, light rays, and glow spores originally by Melchior Dahrk.

Crystal textures originally by Melchior Dahrk with Midjourney, edited by Billyfighter.

Crystal golem by Melchior Dahrk, edited by Billyfighter.

Glowbugs and roses originally from Tamriel Data.

Daedric portal gate by Arcimaestro Antares.

Dredge centurions, minor void pirates, pirate sabers/shields by Ignatious.

Ivy by Vegetto.

Skeleton Race by Mack_Of_Trades69, Mark Jones for modeling original skeleton model.

Treant modeled by LiberumAvis, animated by Antares.

R-Zero for ichor_door mesh edits and original throbbing meat mesh.

Potion crate by CandyGrl24.

Some creatures used from The Undead mod by Neoptolemus
Psychodog Studios: Zombie body meshes
Connary: Zombie and Mummy textures

Some Morrowind Enhanced Textures used to make textures.

Some edited meshes by TR team

Some names generated with:



There are two factions to join, alchemists and void pirates.

You can do quests for both, or just one, up until you do the "assault on the
(other team)" quest, starting this quest will result in two different endings,
one for each side.

If you want to see the third ending, you have to find the large dungeon locked
behind a door somewhere on the island, after fighting Un'kynes. But it cannot be
done after assaulting the other team.