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This mod adds new pirate themed quests, items and locations to Morrowind. Including an Imperial style tradehouse and a shady smugglers' den where you can embark on several quests and explore new underwater dungeons throughout the seas.

Permissions and credits
Mudcrab Imports
by Billyfighter

Flora patch provided by Epic Plants!

Mudcrab Imports is a series of pirate adventures that begins in a tradehouse southeast of Suran, or north of the mudcrab merchant. The current version requires OAAB Data v2.0.3 and Better Bodies (Non-Better Bodies version also included). This is a pirate themed mod, including many of the weapons and clothing by Korana which use better bodies if you want that version. Some of the pirate themed items are available before the main quest lines, but you'll need to complete it for many of them to be available for purchase or to gain as a reward. Included in each download are mesh fixes and higher quality icons specifically for OpenMW, to overwrite afterwards for OpenMW users.

Throughout the initial journey you'll run into a shady smugglers' den and sail into the uncharted Sea of Ghosts region searching for a lost trade ship, the Jolly Minnow. Find Daryan and his crew and battle an mysterious sea mage to help him get his ship back to Vvardenfell. The final outcome gives you a boat to use and slaves to be part of the crew, sailing between Mudcrab Imports and Smugglers' Cross. Upon returning with the shipment, you'll be confronted by Captain Serena of The Crimson Tide, where you'll adventure through underwater caverns, battle undead and smugglers, all while sailing among the crew. There are several side quests and new pirate themed items as the reward.

To start the quest, just go inside the tradehouse, go to the top, and talk to Madrim the tradehouse owner.

Main Quests:

Sailing the Uncharted Seas - The first main questline, starts by talking to Madrim upstairs in Mudcrab Imports Tradehouse.

Seaside Adventures - The second main questline, starts directly after the first one. You'll be greeted by Captain Serena on the Mudcrab Imports docks. Talk to her to start the quest.

Side Quests:

Nord's Lucky Coins - Mudcrab Imports Tradehouse, middle floor. Talk to the Nord Halrad.

Into the Water Pit - Talk to Torrk outside of Smugglers' Cross, on top of the rocks.

The Good Slavemaster - Read the journal on the lower deck in The Foul Shark, the biggest ship docked outside of Smugglers' Cross.

Remains of the Crazed Sea Mage - This quest can be missed if you don't grab the imbued glass helm from the mage in the first quest, and unable to be completed if you don't keep the pearl from the first water cave. Talk to Aldarion -Daryan's first mate- after returning to Mudcrab Imports to start this quest.

Known Issues/Fixes:

1. There may be a brief period of time where you are underwater after coming out of the ship. This is because the ship hasn't loaded and the game just teleports you and/or NPCs underwater as if the ship wasn't there. Several scripts have been written for this instance to bring you and the NPCs back to the starting positions after this. Sometimes it would happen in vanilla MW, other times in OpenMW, but both have been accounted for and should work correctly.

2. Knowing the gridpath is terrible in vanilla MW, during times when Serena follows you she doesn't actually need to stay with you during these times. In fact you can go ahead and do everything without her and move onto the next part. You can talk to her if you want to figure out what to do next, but after moving onto the next part of the quest she will be with you when you board the ship. Just make sure she doesn't die, or the quest is over!

Notes from the Author:

In this new
version, the locations previous on the Tamriel Rebuilt mainland have moved entirely to Vvardenfell, Smugglers' Cross being the big one, fitting very well in a new area of the map in Azura's Coast not far from Mudcrab Imports.

I've decided to return Mudcrab Imports to a Vvardenfell only mod for now because Tamriel Rebuilt is reworking the Sundered Scar region. It also is an older mod and I felt it needed some touch ups. Once Tamriel Rebuilt finished their reworks I'm still open to going back to Tamriel Rebuilt, perhaps with a new pirate themed settlement. So this was a decision to keep up with compatibility. I removed the name "Pirate Adventures" to determine the difference between Tamriel Rebuilt and non-TR versions (TR being Pirate Adventures version).

So for the moment, the Vvardenfell only version is currently the most updated and touched up, leaving th
e TR version (Pirate Adventures) to be a bit outdated. Until a finished version of TR's Sundered Scar Region is released, I won't update the old versions.

No landmasses were edited in this mod.

This mod has been tested to work in vanilla Morrowind as well as OpenMW.

A big thanks to Darkelfguy for his Youtube videos which brought me be back to the Morrowind community. And also to the active helpers in the Discord especially Greatness7, abot, Melchior Dark, and a few others, if not I may of been completely stumped with scripts and modeling for Morrowind and moved onto other things long ago.