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This mod adds some new locations including an Imperial style tradehouse and a shady smugglers' den where you can embark on a quest into the unexplored Sea of Ghosts region. After you find the lost sea captain you'll be rewarded in purchasing new pirate themed weapons and items to use in your adventures, a boat to sail and more!

Permissions and credits
Mudcrab Imports 2.0
by Billyfigher

This is a level 5 quest mod that begins in a new tradehouse southeast of Suran, or north of the mudcrab merchant. The new 2.0 version requires Tamriel Rebuilt (and of course Tamriel Data) and the old version is Morrowind only (plus Tribunal and Bloodmoon). This is a pirate themed mod, including many of the weapons by Korana. Some of the pirate themed items are available before the quest, but you'll need to complete it for many of them to be available for purchase.

Throughout the journey you'll run into a shady smugglers' den and sail into the uncharted Sea of Ghosts region searching for a lost trade ship, the Jolly Minnow. There are repercussions for killing many of the NPCs during this quest, make it back with everyone alive for the full reward. Or kill certain people and see what happens! You can fail this quest, if so you may have to just take the boat back you sailed on. The final outcome gives you a boat to use and slaves to be part of the crew, sailing between Mudcrab Imports and Smugglers' Cross (Vvardenfel and the mainland).

To start the quest, just go inside the tradehouse, go to the top, and talk to Madrim the tradehouse owner.

Notes from the Author:

No landmasses were moved or edited in this mod. As for exterior cells, there are two major locations on the exterior world, one on the Azura's Coast (9, -9), and another on the Tamriel Rebuilt mainland Sundered Scar Region (22, -12). The rest of the quest is done in interior cells including the Sea of Ghosts region.

I'd appreciate any feedback here on the Nexus, as I don't believe I can view how often this mod is downloaded after the initial month I posted it. I have plans to add one more major quest, which will tie in the original quest. I'd like to see how Tel Shadow's upcoming underwater mod changes things to make it compatible, the heart of the quest will be around the two current locations.

A big thanks to Darkelfguy for his Youtube videos which brought me be back to the Morrowind community. And also to the active helpers in the Discord especially Greatness7, if not I may of been completely stumped with scripts and modeling for Morrowind and moved onto other things long ago.