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Obtain a spell to teleport to the Astral Pocket, a small pocket realm that a Telvanni wizard has found himself lost in.

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OAAB - The Astral Pocket
By OperatorJack

Embark on a short quest to unlock a new spell, "Teleport to Astral Pocket". Casting the spell will teleport you to the Astral Pocket, a pocket realm of an unknown Daedric Prince. Herein, you'll follow the brief story of a Telvanni wizard who became trapped in the pocket realm and optionally claim his house-pod as your own. Thereafter, you can teleport out of the pocket realm freely. To begin the quest, talk to your local bookseller about the latest rumors, or look for the text "Astrological Elements."

This mod is the spiritual successor to my mod, The Astral Pocket. That mod is still available for those that do not want to use OAAB_Data, but it is no longer supported. OAAB_Data has allowed me to create a much more fulfilling realm.

This mod requires the Magicka Expanded Framework base package and the OAAB_Data mod. This mod IS NOT compatible with OpenMW, at least until support for MWSE mods is added.