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DuoDinamico aka RandomPal and Vegetto

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Overhaul of the Library of Vivec to make it the interesting place it was meant to be.

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Library of Vivec Enhanced (L.O.V.E.)

The vanilla Library of Vivec is actually well designed and cozy, but it’s just too small to be believable as the most important library (it’s also the only one technically) on the entire island of Morrowind.
A random bookseller has in fact more books than the library, on average.
So, we decided to make it the majestic place it was meant to be. We used books from TR_Data and OAAB_data to increase the book variety so that people who like to read in-game books can lose themselves for hours on end.

The interior matches the exterior as the footprint is roughly the same. It develops on two levels now but since a staircase leads down to a lower level, it should be perfectly believable as the canton has plenty of room going down.


Incompatible with mods that change the library in any way: Rethinking Vivec, Mixed Cantons of Vivec.

Compatible with Beautiful Cities.

The mod is compatible with Animated Morrowind, but there’s an optional addon to add a few more animated NPCs since the library is now bigger (make sure to load it AFTER the main animated MW esp).


OAAB_data and TR_Data for being amazing assets repositories
Melchior Dahrk, for helping with the velothi wall-shelf combo design